Hello! We could spend the whole day at $ 100, then to 50, and it would seem, well, where have further to 10 rubles, or what? No, today we live by as much nil. No money to eat cookies is not an option, and Stepan small, not much naeshsya. It is necessary to leave the house. Nearby was a park where children were fed pigeons. Pigeons are large, well-fed such. Although the words are hard, and people around. But we're stronger and smarter than pigeons, you can take away their cookies, ashamed, so run away. Near the fountain, we noticed no less artful magpie, she went over the edge and looked out for frogs in the water. Then he caught and ate them. Here one must learn to survive. Then we went to the outskirts of the city, and found a wild rose bushes. We collect and put in a pocket. Immediately next were viburnum berries, take everything, everything is useful. Then we came across the nettles, it is barbed, but edible Tear only young tops, they are the most tender and tasty. A road often grows mug, probably everyone knows it. You need to pick these leaves and leave yourself only their stalk.

After going a little farther, we came across necheynuyu apple tree, beneath which was a pile of fallen apples. It was evident that they are not wanted. But we have something they need as anyone else. For one tore a branch of our familiar hypericum. We know that is located close to the field, And on the field is always growing some food. It was a field of sunflowers, which have already been collected processor, leaving only sticks without caps. But lurking among the sticks, one survivor hat with seeds. Hooray! Seeds come in handy, because they are very nutritious. A few meters away lay another hat, a little more, then we have found again and again, it – jackpot! The thirst for freebies ordered us to collect a bag of sunflowers. At one point, we start to fly over a flock of ducks. It was a sign that they are flying somewhere and we have to go home to prepare breakfast On the way back we grabbed a daisy, and we make a great tea.

To save time, we just brewed a quart jar, which will last for the whole day. Together with rosehip we have brought here a little caterpillar. This even though the meat but it is very small, see how it PULSE something. We eat it will not. All! We proceed to the cooking. We will need the nettle and stem burdock. You need to go through the nettles, leaving only the best branches, Put in a pan and pour boiling water for 2 minutes. Then drain and squeeze leaves. Now we take the stems of burdock and good for my cock. Ugly ends must be removed, And cut everything else on here about such pieces. We throw them in water and boil for 10 minutes. We go back to the nettles and cut it into small pieces, Pour into a bowl and add a stem. Now we obtain pressed pigeons cookies, and finely chopped, Pour into a bowl. Good mix … and we get here is a Caesar salad on the minimum salary.

Nalem tea and breakfast is ready. Frankly, salad can hardly be called the most delicious, but given the fact that we survive for 0 rubles It's not so bad, Just chew and swallow. Now we need to get ready for dinner, breaks out on the street a long stick, And remembering our video of a homemade fishing rod, Zapilivaem currently chic bait, dig worms and go fishing on any body of water. Luck smiled on us, and a few hours managed to catch two whole fish, though small, but enough for us. With him, we took a small shovel, and we need to look again mugs But this time we are smarter, we will not eat tops and dig roots.

It is necessary to dig deep for the root is long and it is necessary to pull it out completely. Cut the leaves and drag everything home. We will need two roots that need to be washed. One root postpone, and one should be clean. Then cut into pieces and thrown into the water, as the air they begin to blacken. Now take the fish, Thoroughly cleanse of all unnecessary, And put to cook burdock root. Water slightly turn yellow, but it is not terrible, after five minutes add the fish and a couple of rings stem.

If you have normal neighbors, you can ask them for a little bit of salt, so it will be tastier. Ten minutes later, our lunch is ready! Ear turned out very edible, But she had fish all super! After lunch, We reach sunflowers. They are a lot of seeds that have to extract manually If prilovchilis then it will go faster. In the end we got a whole bunch of seeds, but there is a problem, They are mixed with all waste, it must somehow be separated, we tried automate the process of separating the seed from debris, garbage is much easier to seed, so it is easy to go astray air flow, And flying on a long box.

Seeds also heavy, and fall right down. So we saved a lot of time. For shuffling all this manually would take several hours. Now take a frying pan and roasted seeds, so they will be tastier and are easily cleaned. Stepan scented seeds and took a little himself. It turns out we also feed the hamster! In general, the seeds turned out so much that last for a long time. Adding an apple, you can flip through and have a snack in the afternoon, Cookies, then you will not be exactly the seeds to eat. Now take a second fish, Good salt, And we make small incisions on take an apple and cut it out of the middle. Washed burdock root put in a small container with water, so that it is not dried up, And prepare protven, adding all the ingredients to it. Now we warm up the oven and put it all to bake for about half an hour. As time passes, We reach back, And we begin to clean our root from the skin, Until we reach its core.

Cut the stem into pieces, and our dinner is ready! Everything looks quite appetizing taste a bit like potatoes, root, although it's not as soft. But fish corrects the situation, and with it you can normally eat. For dessert, baked apple, and it is just super tasty, And so we were able to soak up all day for 0 rubles, it was not as tasty as the money, but quite bearable. Now you are ready for any situation!.

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