/Santa Tracker live 2019: Best Android and iPhone apps to track Santa this Christmas Eve

Santa Tracker live 2019: Best Android and iPhone apps to track Santa this Christmas Eve

There’s not long left until Santa begins delivering his present to children across the world and don’t forget there are some very hi-tech ways to track his every move. From your smartphone or PC you can now keep tabs on the jolly man in red as his sleigh flies across the night sky with some help from Rudolph and his pals.

These iPhone and Android apps are vital in making sure everyone is asleep long before he arrives at their chimneys.

Along with showing Santa’s precise location, there’s also plenty of other reasons to download these fun applications onto your phone as they come packed with added extras including festive games and even an instant messaging service for any last-minute gift ideas.

So, if you are looking for the best way to keep an eye on the sky this Christmas Eve here’s our pick of the best trackers for your phone.

Google Santa tracker

Google Santa Tracker on Android HERE

 Google Santa Tracker on the web HERE

Google is using all of its online powers once again to bring you a live view of Santa. The Google Santa Tracker app is available to download for Android users on the Google Play Store and it’s totally free.

Not only does this software show you exactly where Santa is in the world but you can also watch how many pressies he has delivered and see a countdown clock to the big day.

Best Santa Tracker 2019

Best Santa Tracker 2019 • How to watch Santa this Christmas (Image: GETTY)

It is worth noting the software also has a number of other nifty features with Google’s Santa Tracker allowing users to message Santa directly, meaning you can ask him for last-minute presents you forgot to put on your list.

The app also features a number of games that are perfect for making the wait to Christmas fly by and there’s a Santa Tracker sticker pack for Gboard meaning Android fans can make their messages to family and friends feel more festive.

You can download the Google Santa Tracker for Android here.

The desktop version of the software presents users with a similar layout and functionality. One of the benefits of using the computer client is the fact it will tell you where Santa is going to head next.

You can use Google Santa Tracker on your desktop by following this link.

It is worth noting iPhone users will have to use the desktop version of the client as the application is exclusive to Android.

Norad santa tracker

Norad Santa Tracker (Image: NORAD)

Norad Santa Tracker

• Norad on the Apple Store here

Norad on Google Play Store here

Just so the world can watch Santa the very nice people at NORAD, (that’s the North American Aerospace Defence Command), hand over their state-of-the-art satellites to offer a bit of Christmas help.

Once download, the Norad app can log in and get a precise GPS location of Santa’s progress and show you exactly where the jolly fellow is.

And don’t panic if you haven’t got the latest smartphone or tablet as you can also watch all the action via the Norad Santa Tracker website.

Both the app and website are packed full of games, videos and activities which should help to stop the kids asking, “how much longer ’til Christmas day?”


NORAD, which previously went by Continental Air Defense Command or CONAD, has been tracking the tubby toymaker for more than 60 years.

The tradition started back in 1955 when a local shop advertisement misprinted a phone number for children to dial should they want to reach Santa.

According to NORAD: “Director of Operations, Colonel Harry Shoup, received the first ‘Santa’ call and had his staff check radar data to see if there was any indication of Santa making his way south from the North Pole.

“Indeed there were signs of Santa, and children who called in were given an update on Santa’s position.

“Thus, the tradition was born.”

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