/Do Yorkshire puddings belong on Christmas dinner?

Do Yorkshire puddings belong on Christmas dinner?

When it comes to Christmas dinner, everybody has their favourite part. For years, people have debated whether pigs in blankets, roasties, sprouts or, of course, turkey, is the best bit, and we’re no closer to reaching a definitive answer.

One of the most divisive Christmas dinner components, though, is the humble Yorkshire pudding.

It might be a simple treat, but the Yorkshire pud has long divided people, as nobody can decide whether it’s an essential part of Christmas dinner, or whether it belongs solely to the Sunday roast.

In a bid to solve the debate for once and all, we put the question to Manchester Evening News readers, and the result was pretty definitive.

Voting in a poll on our money-saving Facebook page, the majority of you said that Yorkshire puddings definitely belong in a Christmas dinner. That solves that, then.

The result in our Yorkshire pudding poll was definitive
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Catherine Riddell wrote: “What kind of a question is this???? Of course they go with Christmas dinner. They go with everything.”

“I wish I had room in the oven for them on Christmas day,” said Ana Nikiforovski Harrison.

“I do think so depending on what meat you having,” said Chris Bennett.

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Do Yorkshire puddings belong on a Christmas dinner?

Anne Booth suggested: “Only if you are having beef. There is already too much food without having Yorkshires.”

Meanwhile, in a rebellious spirit, Lee Challenger told everyone he didn’t care either way, because he’s having a takeaway this year.

Whatever you’re putting on your Christmas dinner, make sure you enjoy it. Happy Christmas, everyone!

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