/UK snow forecast: Britain bracing for snow to strike after temperatures plunge to -8C

UK snow forecast: Britain bracing for snow to strike after temperatures plunge to -8C

Britain is bracing for bone-chilling conditions to continue after temperatures tumbled to -8C in some parts of the country during the very early hours of Christmas Day. The cold conditions could also bring “a few flakes of snow” to some parts of the north of Britain, especially over higher ground, according to the Met Office. BBC Weather also claimed some parts of the country could be hit by some snowfall on Boxing Day.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said most of the country would experience a “dry and bright” Christmas Day.

He said: “It will be a bit cold and a bit frosty on Christmas morning, maybe down to -4C or -5C in Northern Ireland, a touch of frost for Scotland, Wales and southwest England where it could also be foggy through Christmas morning, but that mist and fog should clear away.

“There will be a few showers over the Highlands over the tops of the mountains, maybe even a few flakes of snow, but for most places, it is just a dry and bright Christmas Day. It will be a little bit chilly out there with temperatures in the afternoon 4C to 7C or 8C.

“How about that post-Christmas lunch walk? Well, the weather stays fine but you will need those new hats and scarves, and extra socks perhaps, because it will be quite chilly and quite quickly through the evening temperatures will fall away again with a frost likely through the North East.”

UK snow forecast

UK snow forecast: ‘Flakes of snow’ could hit the UK on Christmas Day (Image: WXCHARTS)

UK snow forecast

UK snow forecast: Cold air hitting on Christmas Day (Image: WXCHARTS)

Moving towards Boxing Day, the Met Office forecaster explained a “change” was expected as rain sweeps across the whole of the country.

He said: “Look at this though, all change for Boxing Day, rain on the way in, a wet start across the west, the rain spreads its way eastwards through the day.

“The rain likely to turn quite heavy on Boxing Day night, especially across the south, but it will, at least, be turning a little bit milder.”

BBC Weather warned of “dense fog patches” for parts of Scotland and England during the evening on Christmas Day which could cause chaos for motorists.

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UK snow chart

UK snow chart: Snow forecast on Boxing Day (Image: WXCHARTS )

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor insisted it would be “dry and sunny” for the vast majority of the country on Christmas Day after temperatures plunged to “-8C for some parts of the Highlands” overight on Tuesday and during the early hours of Wednesday morning.

He said: “Through into this evening and overnight, fog could be a problem for some parts of England, central and southern parts of Scotland. So if you are on the move during the first half of the night, take note of that. The fog will gradually move up into low cloud and later in the night, rain spills into Northern Ireland, Wales and the South West, lifting temperatures up as well around 7C to 10C.”

Moving into Boxing Day, the BBC Weather forecaster said some parts of the country, over higher ground in the north, could see some snow.

He said: “A wet start tomorrow in Northern Ireland, Wales and the South West. Turning brighter with sunshine, a few showers later. That rain spills across the rest of England, central and southern Scotland. Proceeded by a little bit of snow over the higher ground, turning back to rain later – not too much rain around, there will be some drier spells, the best of which will be in the northeast of Scotland on Boxing Day.”

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UK weather forecast

UK weather forecast: Temperatures falling in the early hours of Christmas Day morning (Image: METOFFICE)

UK snow forecast

Met Office forecast heavy rain to strike on Boxing Day (Image: METOFFICE)

That rain spills across the rest of England, central and southern Scotland. Proceeded by a little bit of snow over the higher ground

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor

According to WxCharts, which assesses the probability of snowfall, some parts of Scotland, especially over higher ground, are likely to see some snowfall on Christmas Day and into Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, according to Netweather, which also looks at the risk of snowfall, there is a small chance of some snow in Scotland on Boxing Day over high ground.

Looking ahead, the Netweather chart also predicts likely snowfall in Scotland during the early hours of New Year’s Day.

UK snow

UK snow: Chart reveals snow facts for Britain (Image: NC )

The Met Office long-range forecast from Sunday, December 29 to Tuesday, January 7 warns of unsettled conditions with the risk of gales.

It reads: “Sunday is likely to be a mild day across the UK, staying dry away from the north where there will be plentiful bright or sunny spells.

“Across the north, it looks to be more unsettled with the northwest seeing cloudy skies with rain or drizzle, perhaps heavy in northwest Scotland for a time.

Snow chart

Snow chart in the New Year shows Scotland hit by the white stuff (Image: NETWEATHER)

“It is likely to be windy, particularly in the far northwest where there is a risk of coastal gales.

“Next week, it looks to remain rather unsettled at first as bands of wet and windy weather cross the UK. Gales are possible at times, especially across northern and western parts.

“Somewhat drier and colder conditions seem likely thereafter and look to continue into the first week of January. During this more settled period, overnight frost is possible.”

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