/Inside privileged life of monster who became Britains most prolific rapist

Inside privileged life of monster who became Britains most prolific rapist

The sordid lair where Britain’s most prolific rapist attacked his victims gives little clue to his privileged background.

Reynhard Sinaga‘s ‘messy and cluttered’ apartment near Manchester’s gay village was found by police with piles of clothes and bedding on the floor.

The 36-year-old had been a perpetual student since arriving in the UK.

But, in reality, the monster had been living off payouts from his wealthy family, clueless of the crimes he was committing while thousands of miles away in Indonesia.

One former friend was quoted as saying: “His father is a very rich man. They have a mansion in the centre of Jakarta. He would boast of maids, drivers, all sorts.”

Reynhard Sinaga poses for a selfie in front of his fridge
(Image: Facebook)

“His family is so rich he never worked and he would always be out in the week with different people, from what I remember,“ they added,

Sinaga’s parents also appeared to be unaware of his sexuality, even though the 36-year-old lived an openly gay lifestyle in the UK.

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Britain’s most prolific rapist

“My impression is that the family found him not normal but he never told them he was gay. He used to change his hair and clothes to go home,“ they said.

“His parents tried to make him meet some girl from his country, They wanted him to marry and have a family.“

The harrowing crimes happened in the bedroom and living room
(Image: Police handout)
Sinaga was sentenced to life in jail
(Image: Police handout)

Speaking about the rapist’s life in Manchester, senior investigator detective Inspector Zed Ali, told Manchester Evening News: “He did go to church and did some voluntary work, assisted with the service and with some classes too, with teaching.

“He sees himself as openly gay.

“He liked the fact that the church accepted him as an openly gay man and as also being foreign as well.

“He even talks about this in his dissertations.

“It’s the same reason he was out in the Gay Village – he just enjoyed being in the UK and Manchester where he’s accepted as a gay man.

He added: “He’s come from Indonesia, a very conservative country, his parents didn’t approve of his sexuality. He’s remained in Manchester.

Court sketch of Sinaga
(Image: Julia Quenzler /SWNS.COM)
Sinaga was able to live a lifestyle funded by his wealthy family
(Image: Reynhard Sinaga/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

“He’s continued with his studies in Manchester. “He did not want to go back.

“He was so comfortable with being openly gay. Although knowing what I know about him now I also believe it was to enable the offending.”

Sinaga first arrived in the UK in 2007 on a student visa and moved to Manchester as a student of Sociology at the city’s redbrick university.

He later embarked on a PhD in Human Geography at the University of Leeds, commuting to the city from Manchester.

At the time of his arrest, he was working on his thesis, titled: ‘Sexuality and everyday transnationalism in south Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester’.

In many ways, Sinaga presented himself as a typical student.

He prowled the streets looking for victims
(Image: Police handout)

He spent a lot of time with friends, would go out drinking, meeting for coffees – he even had a part time job at JD Sports. Friends believed he was a sociable, likeable man.

His Facebook timeline is littered with selfies and videos of Sinaga lip synching or dancing to pop songs, including Robbie Williams’ ‘Love My Life’ and a cover version of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’.

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He posted numerous images from pop culture and many pictures of Manchester, which seem to suggest a strong affiliation with the city.

On May 23, 2017, just after the Manchester Arena terror attack, he wrote: “MCR stand strong together and undefeated.”

Sinaga could have had as many as 195 victims, police believe
(Image: Reynhard Sinaga/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Downloaded images of phrases such as ‘Be weird’ and ‘I never seek attention, I let it seek me’ also feature on his profile.

Amongst the various memes and images of celebrities are numerous selfies.

During a sentencing hearing, the court heard how Sinaga’s mother and sister had provided character references for the judge.

“They know nothing of the cold, cunning and calculated rapist that you are,” Judge Goddard QC told Sinaga as he stood emotionless in the dock.

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