/Dad of UKs worst rapist Reynhard Sinaga says sons punishment fits his crimes

Dad of UKs worst rapist Reynhard Sinaga says sons punishment fits his crimes

The father of the UK’s worst rapist, Reynhard Sinaga, said his son’s punishments “fits his crimes”.

Twisted Sinaga was jailed for life after being convicted of drugging and raping 195 men.

The 36-year-old, from Indonesia, launched his attacks over two-and-a-half years after moving to Manchester to study.

His property tycoon dad, Saibun Sinaga, told BBC Indonesia: “We accept the verdict. His punishment fits his crimes.

“I don’t want to discuss the case any further.”

Born in Jambi, in Indonesia, Sinaga grew up in a well-off conservative Catholic family in Sumatra.

He serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga on Princess Street prowling for victims
(Image: PA)
Inside the flat where Sinaga committed his sickening crimes
(Image: PA)

He studied in Indonesia before moving to the UK in 2007.

A friend who studied with him at the University of Indonesia also spoke to the BBC, describing him as ‘popular’.

The woman, who didn’t want to be named, said: “He was very social, friendly, easy to get along with and fun to work on projects with.”

PHD student Sinaga lured drunk men back to his flat on Montana House, in Princess Street, Manchester, before spiking their drinks with GHB.

He then filmed himself raping them while they were unconscious, often multiple times for several hours.

Sinaga had been living off handouts from his rich family, a former friend claimed
(Image: MEN Media)

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The details emerged during a series of Manchester Crown Court trials spanning 18 months.

Sinaga had been a perpetual student since arriving in the UK.

But, in reality, the monster had been living off payouts from his wealthy family, clueless of the crimes he was committing while thousands of miles away in Indonesia.

One former friend was quoted as saying: “His father is a very rich man. They have a mansion in the centre of Jakarta. He would boast of maids, drivers, all sorts.”

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