/Nicola Sturgeon attacked for trying to hide ‘diabolical’ record in desperate survival bid

Nicola Sturgeon attacked for trying to hide ‘diabolical’ record in desperate survival bid

Nicola Sturgeon was left humiliated when Jackson Carlaw tore into her for the Government’s “diabolical” domestic record on education. The SNP’s First Minister was accused of putting her party’s survival ahead of the priorities of the people. Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, Mr Jackson said: “Clearly there is something wrong with our education system.

“Parents know it, students know it, teachers know it and in private this education secretary knows it too.

“The problem is that when it comes to action we have a First Minister and education secretary more concerned with hiding their record than admitting to it or correcting it.

“First Minister, 2020 will be the year that this Government’s diabolical domestic record on education will come home to roost.

“A year when we will see an SNP Government that will puts its own survival in light of recent events before the priorities of the people.

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Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of “spin and denial” during PMQs (Image: SPTV)

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon was left humiliated when Jackson Carlaw tore into her (Image: SPTV)

“Having promised five years ago that education would be her number one priority is it not time to make it exactly that.”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “The people got the opportunity to cast their verdict on the performance of this Government just a matter of weeks ago and I think we all know how that ended up.

“The only people who have misunderstood are the Scottish Tories because actually what I think the Tories are doing is not a misunderstanding but misrepresenting.

“I think that is what they should be apologising for.

Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon was accused of putting SNP’s survival (Image: SPTV)

“Jackson Carlaw claims we’re trying to hide our record but the deputy said on the day exam results were published is that there had been a fall in the overall pass rate.

“That doesn’t strike me as trying to hide the matter.”

She continued: “Perhaps it’s the Scottish Conservatives wake up and pay a bit more attention.”

It comes as Ms Sturgeon suffered embarrassment when new figures revealed the SNP had snatched an extra £750million in taxes from hard-working Scots after an overhaul of the tax system.


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Brexit timeline

Brexit timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

The Scottish Government collected the extra funds from the earnings of more than one million workers north of the border last year.

Anyone earning more than £26,000 a year was forced to pay more income tax than they would have if they were living in other parts of the UK.

New figures released reveal Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs collected an extra £744million of income tax in 2018-19 after the changes came into force.

Spending watchdogs highlighted that additional charges introduced last April by the SNP widened the tax gap in the current financial year.

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