/More snow on the way after Britain faces a months rain in a day and 70mph gales

More snow on the way after Britain faces a months rain in a day and 70mph gales

More snow looks like it is on the way this weekend but not before the UK is again subjected to 70mph winds and a month’s rain in one day.

The Met Office is also preparing for a “stormy” end to next week as Britain continues to brace against the onslaught of winter.

Snow blanketed the north of England and some of Scotland yesterday, and with more colder air moving in, forecaster Marco Petagna is “fairly confident” some areas could be in for a repeat on Sunday.

Northumbria, County Durham and Cumbria were all covered with up to 4cm of snow on Thursday, while temperatures were due to drop to -5C overnight.

In the meantime, four weather warnings are in place for Saturday for rain in areas of north and south of Scotland, as well as wind along the north west of England and parts of the north-east.

More snow is likely for parts of Britain on Sunday before a “stormy” week to follow
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Gales are set to reach 70mph, lasting between 3am and 6pm, while parts of the UK will see 100mm of rain.

This fearsome weather front comes on the tail of winds so strong earlier this week, the Met Office was warning there was a risk to life, due to potential for falling roof tiles.

Friday, however, is likely to be the calm before the storm, with what Mr Petagna describes as a “pretty quiet day for most” of the UK, despite weather warnings having been initially in place.

He said temperatures will sit in the 6-9C range, before a heavy band of rain moves in overnight.

Four weather warnings are in place for Saturday, with Britain set for a month’s rain in a day
(Image: Met Office)

But the forecaster said Saturday’s weather will see a “north-south split” with the north being “wet and windy” and the south “drier and brighter”.

He said the colder air snap will move across the north of the UK, before pushing south and eastwards on Saturday, but snow is only likely in Scotland.

“We are pretty confident we will see some snow on Sunday, mainly over the hills.

“It could be quite stormy at times next week, particularly in the west and south west, on and off, through the week,” he continued, adding there could also be some snow too.

Mr Petagna added that this is “not unusual” for this time of year, with the Met Office predicting more snow as January progresses.

A snow covered Nenthead village on the Cumbria and Northumberland border on Thursday
(Image: PA)

UK 5 day weather forecast


A fine day for most with some sunshine but perhaps feeling chilly in the southeast. Becoming cloudier and windier later in the northwest of the UK with rain arriving here into the evening.


Rain gradually spreading southwards into Saturday with strong winds, particularly for north Wales, northeast England and east Scotland. Little, if any, rain in the east and south. Mainly mild.

Britain continues to brace against severe winter weather across January
(Image: Met Office)

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Rain in the west and northwest moving slowly south with some clearer, colder conditions arriving in the far northwest later. Winds also gradually easing from the north. Southeast staying dry.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Rain clearing Sunday, with strong winds and showers following. Dry start Monday; a band of squally rain crosses all areas later. Further rain and very strong winds Tuesday.

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