/Two dead after 11-year-old pupil opens fire in school

Two dead after 11-year-old pupil opens fire in school

Two people are believed to have been shot dead by an 11-year-old school shooter who then killed himself.

The massacre is understood to have happened inside the Cervantes del Bosque College in Coahuila State, Northern Mexico.

Emergency services were called to the school at 8:30am local time.

Initial reports said a teacher had been shot and children injured, before the young boy turned the weapon on himself.

Four people are also believed to have been injured in the tragic incident.

Witnesses at the scene reported hearing the sounds of crying and screaming children.

Crowds gathered outside the school after news broke of the tragedy
(Image: Twitter)

The shooting reportedly took place in a sixth grade classroom.

A harrowing image from the scene appears to show a gun laying on the ground alongside the knees of the eight-year-old shooter.

There is a huge emergency service response to the incident as worried families flocked to the school and gathered outside.

Many were seen clutching their children we had escaped from the school.

There have been no reports of a motive for the shooting.

Mayor Jorge Zermeño Infante said the student was carrying two handguns when he opened fire at his school, reports BNO.

An image appearing to show the weapon next to the schoolboy
(Image: Twitter)
Emergency services outside the school
(Image: Twitter)

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Mayor Infante said: “It’s very sad what has happened.

“I don’t want to speculate on anything and the incident is still under investigation but it appears the youngster had some sort of problem and lived with his grandma and they’re looking for his parents.

“It appears he arrived at school with two weapons and shot his teacher before shooting himself.”

Talking to local media he added: “There are three children who were injured and are stable in hospital and another teacher who was hurt in the arm.”

Torreon, a city with around 679,000 residents, is a round 350 miles southwest from Laredo, Texas, and 200 miles west from the Mexican city of Monterrey.

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