/Man who put rats in partners home gave her drugs before she died

Man who put rats in partners home gave her drugs before she died

A man who released rats in his girlfriend’s bedroom gave her a cocktail of drugs on New Year’s Eve – just hours before she died.

Hollie Sheridan-Connis died just hours after telling Ryan Lee Weston she would marry him as the couple spent the holiday drinking alcohol and taking drugs .

The pair, from Birkenhead , decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a North Wales beauty spot as they had recently reconciled their “volatile” relationship after Weston released rats in Hollie’s bedroom.

Hollie, 24, and Weston 32, arrived at the Glan y Gro Lakeside Suites in Gwynedd on December 31, 2018 and brought alcohol and a range of class A and B drugs with them.

Just hours later, on New Year’s Day 2019, Hollie was pronounced dead by paramedics that were called to the cabin when she collapsed.

Hollie Sheridan-Connis died while staying at the Glan y Gro Lakeside Suites in Llangower, Bala, for New Year

Weston was arrested on suspicion of murder after Hollie’s tragic death but was later released and charged instead drug supply.

Weston, of Oteley Avenue, Bromborough admitted supplying Hollie with cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamine and ketamine and also pleaded guilty to burgling Ms Sheridan-Connis’ home in Leasowe earlier in December 2018.

According to NorthWalesLive , Matthew Curtis, prosecuting, said Weston and Ms Sheridan-Connis had been in a relationship for about five years and described it as “volatile”.

Her family were concerned about the relationship and in December 2018 it was being conducted without their knowledge.

Mr Curtis said in early December Weston had filmed himself buying a number of rats at a pet shop and then took them to her home and released them in her bedroom.

Ryan Kee Weston, 32, of Oteley Avenue, Bromborough admitted supplying drugs taken by Hollie SHeridan-Connis the night she died and also pleaded guilty to burgling her home in December 2018.

He also scrawled the word “rat” on a picture board.

The previous month there had been an incident in which Weston had lashed out at Ms Sheridan-Connis breaking her jaw.

But the couple had been reconciled and on New Year’s Eve had travelled to Bala and during the evening had agreed to become engaged.

Ms Sheridan-Connis had called friends to let them know of this and she was said to have been “in high spirits and happy”.

Hollie Sheridan-Connis died while on a romantic getaway in North Wales on New Years Day

Shortly after midnight the owner of Glan y Gro, Rob Moore, had spoken to them about the noise they were making and asked them to bear in mind others staying in the complex.

He was alerted shortly after 5am by the fire alarm sounding.

Mr Curtis added: “The defendant had gone to another room and when he returned to the bedroom found Ms Sheridan-Connis was not breathing and he had tried to revive her sounding the fire alarm to seek assistance.

“Paramedics attended and continued trying to revive Ms Sheridan-Connis but to no avail and she was pronounced dead at 6.12am.

“The police were called and Weston was arrested on suspicion of murder. In interview he admitted taking drugs to the property.”

Mr Curtis added Weston was already serving a prison sentence having pleaded guilty to possessing drugs with intent to supply at Chester Crown Court last August and being handed a 45-month jail term.

Sentencing Weston to 21 months in prison Judge Huw Rees said: “This is a tragic case and underlines the devastating effects drugs and a combination of alcohol can have.

“Courts often warn death can result and in this case it has.”

The judge added both Weston and the dead woman had been “willing participants” in the drug taking and had been “reckless”.

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He said: “There can be no winners here, only losers.”

Michael Gray, defending, said both Weston and Ms Sheridan-Connis were willing participants in drug taking.

He added: “This was reckless behaviour by both parties and tragically a death resulted.”

Weston, he said, had shown remorse and was determined to lead a more productive life on release from prison.

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