/Machetes and knives found at blood soaked house after teenager butchered

Machetes and knives found at blood soaked house after teenager butchered

Detectives have discovered a haul of blood-stained machetes and knives believed to have been used in the Narcos-style murder of teenager Keane Mulready-Woods.

Cops found the weapons in a shed behind a house in the 17-year-old’s hometown.

Inside the house detectives found ‘blood-soaked’ floorboards, according to the Mail Online.

Police believe the teenager, who was reported missing by his family was abducted, tortured then killed by a hitman and his sidekick in Dublin.

Keane Mulready-Woods was classed as a missing person
(Image: Irish Mirror)

It is understood the two ‘psychotic’ butchers chopped off his fingertips and thumbs in a bid to avoid their DNA being found under their nails.

Limbs were found dumped in a sports bag in a housing estate in Dublin, and a head and hands were found burning in a car two days later.

Detectives are still looking for a torso.

Reports suggest Gardaí received intelligence that Keane had been murdered and mutilated by sick gang rivals – with speculation his head was to be delivered to gang boss Cornelius Price as a “major warning”.

The body parts of Keane Mulready-Woods were discovered in different areas of Ireland
(Image: PA)

Price was released from prison last year after serving a three year sentence for reckless endangerment of a garda.

It is believed he travelled to Scotland from Belfast last month before heading back to Ireland after a gangland rival threatened to murder a female relative, the Herald reports .

He is the bitter rival of a 35-year-old chief suspect in the case, reports the Irish Independent.

Earlier today we told how Keanefought for his life before he was hacked him to death.

Two videos supposedly linked to the murder that appeared on social media have been described as “false”.

However, gardai were unable to confirm if pictures of body parts circulating on Whatsapp were genuine.

Chief Supt Christy Mangan said the footage was not of the teenager and he asked the public not to share the images.

He added: “They are frightening people. This is hindering the investigation and false reports are not helping.”

A man hunt is underway to catch the two killers.

The chief suspect for the murder was by gardaí in Drogheda drinking in a local pub on Wednesday afternoon.

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