/Merseysides most anti-social areas thanks to street crime

Merseysides most anti-social areas thanks to street crime

The most anti-social areas of Merseyside were decided by incidents of prostitution, begging, vandalism and other street crimes.

Hundreds of incidents across the five boroughs have been linked to anti-social behaviour and this is often down to a range of offences that can blight an area.

Among those crimes classed as “anti-social behaviour” is vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting, street drinking and dumping of rubbish, as well as nuisance neighbors, begging and prostitution.

According to the UK Home Office, a staggering 113 reports of crimes of this nature were recorded as happening in just one part of Liverpool city centre – making this the most anti-social area in Merseyside.

There were 113 incidents of anti-social behaviour close to Queen Square bus station in 2019
(Image: Liverpool ECHO)

The incidents took place close to the car park at Queen Square Bus Station throughout 2019.

After Queen Square, the next worst area for anti-social behaviour was on or near Langland Close in Walton.

Police recorded 85 incidents of anti-social behaviour there in 2019.

That was followed by 65 cases recorded on or near Stoker Way, also in Walton, 63 incidents recorded at or near Lord Street H&M, and 57 recorded on or near East Lancashire Road.

The figure comes from analysis of data from the Home Office’s Police UK website, which shows the details of every crime recorded by police, as well as where they occurred.

Police UK states the street-level crime locations “are only an approximation of where the actual crimes occurred, they are not the exact locations”.
That means crimes may have taken place on nearby streets to where they are recorded.

However, the figures do give us an idea of the parts of town where incidents are most likely to happen.

You can see the full list of the worst places for anti-social behaviour in Merseyside below.

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Car park at Queen Square Bus Station – 113 incidents

Langland Close in Walton – 85 incidents

Stoker Way in Walton – 65 incidents

H&M on Lord Street – 63 incidents

East Lancashire Road – 57 incidents

Prostitution is just one of the crimes that is classed as anti-social behaviour
(Image: South Wales Echo)

Garston Park – 56 incidents

Shaw Street in Islington – 52 incidents

Park Road in Dingle – 49 incidents

Canning Place – 46 incidents

Great Charlotte Street – 44 incidents

Pickering Street in Anfield – 44 incidents

The area around Langland CLose in Walton is one of the worst for anti-social behaviour in Merseyside after 85 incidents in 2019
(Image: Google Street View)


Cedar Street in Birkenhead – 57 incidents

Asda Supremarket in Birkenhead – 57 incidents

Liscard Village – 51 incidents

River Street in Birkenhead – 48 incidents

Cook Street in Birkenhead – 46 incidents

Pendennis Road in Wallasey – 44 incidents

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Page Moss Avenue – 53 incidents

Colmoor Close in Kirkby – 45 incidents

St Helens

Linkway West – 52 incidents

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