/John Bercow says he drove his wife to cheat with his cousin by neglecting her

John Bercow says he drove his wife to cheat with his cousin by neglecting her

Ex-Speaker John Bercow has said he is at least partially responsible for driving his wife into the arms of his cousin because he was not a good husband.

Speaking out to promote his memoirs Mr Bercow opened up about his wife Sally’s affair with Alan Bercow in 2015.

The controversial former MP said he had been “inconsiderate” of her needs and had “not found enough time for her”..

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Mr Bercow was asked about his wife Sally, who posed for the bedsheets picture before her relationship with his cousin.

Mrs Bercow started an affair with Alan Bercow, a lawyer, during the 2015 election campaign. They briefly moved in together, but he later went back to his wife Erica.

The ex-Speaker said: “The case of the so-called bedsheet she was lured into… She admits that she made a mistake. Whereas obviously there has to be a reason why somebody has an affair. At the time she was feeling down, miserable, rather neglected.

Alan Bercow, left, with his wife Erica who he returned to after his affair with his cousin’s wife
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“She thought I was enormously focused on what I was doing, but that the balance was wrong and I wasn’t finding enough time for her, so I bear some responsibility for that. Did she later regret it? It’s clear she did and she said so. Do I bear a grudge? Absolutely not.”

Asked how he found out about the affair, he said: “Sally told me… She indicated she was sorry…but he was understanding and supportive and she wanted to be with him. Of course I was upset, I am human.

“But did I feel intense anger? No.”

Mr Bercow said the PM cheated when they played tennis
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Asked if he was a good husband, Mr Bercow said: “Clearly I wasn’t good enough. Frankly, I could do better. Was I an innocent party terribly let down? No. I had not been as good a husband as I should’ve been.”

Mr Bercow accused Boris Johnson of cheating at tennis against him.

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He said: “He didn’t cheat by trying to fiddle the score, but he wasn’t using what I would call a legitimate ball. What he did was pick balls from where there was a lot of grass.

“They obviously hadn’t been used for years… (but) he took his 6-0 6-0 6-0 defeat with very good grace.”

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