/Brexit LIVE: Boris hurtles towards WTO rules as France orders ‘no EU bargain’ on fishing

Brexit LIVE: Boris hurtles towards WTO rules as France orders ‘no EU bargain’ on fishing

The EU chief tweeted: “28 years ago we created ‘European Citizenship’. Now the EU must move forward again. Brexit has shown us that a key reform should be to strengthened & deepen EU citizenship. #IamEuropean.” But the post promoted a backlash from some Twitter users.

One said: “What part of Nationhood & Sovereignty doesn’t this puppet grasp? Has the EU Collective bothered to do any research into why the UK voted to leave, or is the Myth Maker in Chief going to continue to spout hearsay unchallenged?”

Another commented: “Wow. Your answer is always ‘More EU. More control.’ It won’t be long until you’re facing more independence referendums.”

A third wrote: “Strengthen and deepen EU citizenship? Kind of sounds like you’re about to make a no-take-backs clause. Gonna lock everyone in?”


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Guy Verhofstadt has been mocked for tweeting about his EU plans (Image: GETTY)

4.10pm update: Brexit punishment clause – leaked document shows exactly how EU plan to CRIPPLE UK trade

Senior members of the European Parliament have drawn up a punishment clause in order to keep Britain in lockstep with Brussels after Brexit.

The institution’s UK Co-ordination Group, former the Brexit Steering committee, have demanded a “polluter pays principle” be included as part of any future trade deal with the UK.

A leaked copy of the plan, seen by Express.co.uk, said any future Government should be required to maintain the same environmental rules as Brussels.

It suggests the UK should be forced to match European standards on climate change, as well as workers’ rights and state aid, when the bloc updates its rulebook.

The group of influential MEPs demanded a “a level playing field, ensuring equivalent standards in social, labour, environmental, competition and state aid policies, including through a robust and comprehensive framework on competition and state aid control”.

3.15pm update: Scottish economy forecast to grow in 2020 – but Brexit ‘remains a risk’

Scotland’s economy is forecast to grow marginally this year, but experts have warned Brexit “remains a risk” to the economy.

The Scottish Fiscal Commission has predicted GDP will increase by one percent this financial year, rising to 1.1 percent next year and 1.2 percent in 2022-2023.

But the report from the SFC warned Brexit negotiations and uncertainty over the timing and nature of the UK’s departure from the EU has “resulted in subdued growth over the last year”.

It added now the UK has left the EU, “the unwinding of some Brexit-related uncertainty may support some additional growth”.

But the SFC said Brexit “remains a risk to continued economic growth”.

2pm update: Pound set for worst week since December election as fears grow over Brexit trade deal

Sterling was headed for its worst week since the general election in December as investors priced in the risk of the UK not being able to agree a trade deal with the EU before the end of the transition period in December 2020.

The pound was flat against the US dollar at $1.2933, close tp its lowest level in two week.

Against the euro, which has been dragged down by a stronger dollar, sterling traded higher by 0.2 percent at 84.78 pence.

Investors fear Boris Johnson is taking a hard line in trade talks with the EU, particularly after e said Britain will not obey the bloc’s regulations.

Marshall Gittler, head of investment research for BDSwiss Group, said: “I expect that the post-Brexit trade negotiations will continue to weigh on Britain, a country with one of the largest current account deficits in the world.”

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Scotland’s economy growing, but Brexit ‘remains a risk’ (Image: GETTY)

Paul Withers taking over live reporting from Katie Harris.

1.10pm update: France demands UK follows EU rules FOREVER

Emmanuel Macron has told the European Commission that the UK must be tied to EU rules forever in return for a post-Brexit free trade deal, according to reports.

France is demanding Britain agrees to “dynamic alignment” with Brussels for areas including tax, state aid, environment and social.

An EU diplomat told The Telegraph: “France wants dynamic alignment across the board.”

12.05pm update: UK names new ambassador to US

Dame Karen Pierce has been named as the UK’s new ambassador to the US, replacing Sir Kim Darroch who resigned last year over leaked emails.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “It is a time of huge opportunity for the friendship between the UK and US and I am delighted that Karen Pierce will take forward this exciting new chapter in our relationship.”

It comes ahead of post-Brexit trade talks between the UK and the US, as Britain strikes its own path outside of the EU.

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Emmanuel Macron wants the UK to be tied to EU rules forever in return for a post-Brexit trade deal (Image: GETTY)

11am update: Brussels divided over Brexit budget – 18 urgent meetings held

EU bosses are heading for an almighty showdown when they try to thrash out the bloc’s next seven-year budget after a series of meetings between European Council president Charles Michel and member state leaders.

Brexit has thrown financial planning into the turmoil with Britain’s departure leaving an annual hole of about €12 billion in the EU’s coffers and richer nations fear being strong-armed into making up the shortfall.

It leaves Mr Michel facing a stand-off between members states that want to keep their contribution to the EU’s coffers broadly at current levels despite Brexit and those who think the bloc needs to invest much more.

At least 18 individual meeting with EU leaders were scheduled this week which Mr Michel called in the hope of trying to forge a compromise between the opposing factions.

9.30am update: Author highlights ‘big problem’ Remainers face

Author and historian Tom Holland has highlighting the “big problem” Remainers face following the UK’s departure from the EU last month.

Retweeting an article from American magazine The Atlantic on whether Britain will rejoin the bloc, he said: “A very good analysis of the big problem that erstwhile Remainers hoping the UK will rejoin the EU now face: they have to hope, if we are to rejoin the EU, that the country will implode economically & constitutionally. And that’s not a great look…

“I would also have thought it was by no means a given that the EU would want back a country as divided as the UK would inevitably be over the issue of its membership.”

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Rupert Lowe hailed the start of an “exciting period in our country’s history” (Image: GETTY)

8.45am update: Former Brexit Party MEP hails start of ‘exciting period in our country’s history’

Ex-Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe tweeted: “Isn’t free trade a wonderful thing?

“Estimates are that cutting tariffs and striking trade deals with countries around the globe will save £8.3 billion.

“The world’s a big place when you look beyond your doorstep.

An exciting period in our country’s history is just beginning!”

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Dominic Raab said post-Brexit Britain wants to be “energetic champions of free and open trade” (Image: GETTY)

8am update: Post-Brexit Britain to be ‘champions of free trade’ – Raab

Post-Brexit Britain wants to be “energetic champions of free and open trade”, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has said.

Mr Raab, who is in Australia as part of a tour of the region to promote free trade deals, said a close relationship with Canberra was a “key part of the vision” for a “Global Britain”.

Writing in a column for the Australian Financial Review, the Foreign Secretary said the UK was “forging ahead as a self-confident, global nation, ready to reinvigorate our ties with old friends” after leaving the EU at the end of last month.

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