/US woman accused of killing British teenager Harry Dunn was a senior CIA spy

US woman accused of killing British teenager Harry Dunn was a senior CIA spy

The American woman accused of killing Harry Dunn was a spy for the CIA, reports said last night.

Mother-of-three Anne Sacoolas, who fled Britain after crashing into the teenager’s motorbike outside an air base last August, is understood to have served as a senior CIA agent.

British ministers and officials are aware of Mrs Sacoolas’s career as a spy, but she was not declared as an agent when she came to the UK alongside her intelligence officer husband Jonathan.

Last night, Harry’s mother Charlotte Charles said ‘things are now beginning to fall into place’ as to why the US government was blocking her extradition to face justice.

Mrs Sacoolas’s right-hand drive Volvo is alleged to have been on the wrong side of the road when it collided with Mr Dunn causing fatal injuries last summer.

It is still unclear how the Sacoolas family were able to flee in the days after the crash, but the US government claim it notified the Foreign Office that they were leaving.

Mrs Sacoolas has been charged over the fatal accident outside RAF Croughton and has apologised for 19-year-old Harry’s death, but is refusing to return to Britain to face trial.

Harry was killed when his motorbike crashed into a car outside RAF Croughton in Northamptonshire
(Image: PA)

However Harry’s family claimed there had been a ‘cover up’ and have vowed to keep fighting to bring her back to Britain.

Several sources in both Washington and London have confirmed Mrs Sacoolas’s CIA background, but the American government insist she was not spying on Britain.

US government sources said Mrs Sacoolas was ‘not active’ in the UK, although a security source said: ‘You never really leave the CIA.’

One government source even claimed Mrs Sacoolas had been ‘more senior than her husband’ in the US intelligence community.

Ms Charles told the Mail on Sunday last night: “Things are now beginning to fall into place. In our deepest, darkest hour, we could not understand how anybody could just get on a plane after such a catastrophic crash and leave a devastated family behind.

Sacoolas fled to the US following the collision
(Image: SKY NEWS)

“We have also found it impossible to figure out why the US administration has behaved in the lawless way it has in harbouring Anne Sacoolas. But no one is above the law. Whether or not you are a CIA officer, a diplomat or anyone else, the Vienna Convention states that you must abide by and respect the rules and regulations of the host country.”

The UK and US governments insist that, at the time of the accident, Mrs Sacoolas had diplomatic immunity while her husband was working as technical staffer at the Northamptonshire air base.

The Foreign Office confirmed that Mrs Sacoolas ‘was notified to us as a spouse with no official role’ – but senior Whitehall figures have confirmed they knew of her CIA history.

The US State Department declined to comment saying only: “The driver was the spouse of an accredited diplomat to the United Kingdom.”

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In December the Crown Prosecution Service announced it was charging Mrs Sacoolas over Harry’s death, but her lawyers said the prospect of 14 years in prison was ‘not proportionate’ for what was ‘a terrible but unintentional accident’.

And last month the US government turned down an extradition request.

The Home Office declined to comment on the revelations last night.

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