/Horror Storm Ciara video shows lifeboat almost capsize in mission to save ‘idiot’ surfer

Horror Storm Ciara video shows lifeboat almost capsize in mission to save ‘idiot’ surfer

Storm Ciara smashed into Britain on Sunday unleashing winds of up to 97mph triggering disruption across the country. Footage from across the country has seen planes struggle as they come in to land, and debris being picked up because of the powerful winds. Some parts of the country have also experienced severe flooding as the heavy rain battered some regions, with transport disruption impacting much of Britain.

Video footage has even emerged of a lifeboat almost capsizing as crew tried to rescue a surfer during the intense storm.

RNLI Lifeboat at Hastings posted on Twitter: “After a dramatic video has been posted most of you know that we’ve been #outonashout but we’re happy to report that we’re all safe, well and uninjured and the boat is undamaged and safely berthed next to @rnliEastbourne we’re on our way back to #Hastings now.”

Royal National Lifeboat Institution added: “Incredible @Hastingsrnli footage captured today by a member of public. Everyone onboard is safe and well. Casualty made it to shore.

“Thanks to your support our lifeboat crew receive the best training and lifeboats, to withstand these types of conditions.”

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara: Lifeboat seen nearly capsizing (Image: TWITTER)

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara: Huge waves smashing into lifeboat (Image: TWITTER)

But, online commentators were quick to criticise the surfer for entering the water during the extremely dangerous conditions.

One wrote: “Makes me mad when people put others at risk, knowing the risks due to the storm…So so brave.”

Another added: “Brave men and women doing an amazing job. Thank you. The stupidity of the surfer is beyond words. They put other people’s lives at risk. Disgusting.”

A third wrote: “Hope this person, makes a sizeable donation for their rescue. Good to hear all have returned safely.”

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Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara: Winds of over 90mph hit the UK (Image: GETTY)

The storm which crashed down across Britain this weekend is thought to have been the worst this century.

Helen Roberts, a senior meteorologist at the Met Office, said that Storm Ciara threatened to be the worst this century, rivalled only by the 19th December 2013 storm that caused widespread power cuts.

“It’s definitely the biggest storm in seven years and in terms of area affected it’s probably the biggest this century,” she said.

More than 200 flood warnings were issued across Britain, which recorded a maximum wind speed of 93mph at Aberdaron in Wales. Gusts of 97mph were recorded on the Isle of White.

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Everyone onboard is safe and well. Casualty made it to shore

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

One severe flood warning was put in place in Yorkshire, northern England, where water was predicted to overflow flood defences and potentially threaten lives.

Thousands of people were left without power, some homes were evacuated and buildings were damaged as heavy rain and strong gusts swept across the country on Sunday.

Some 539,000 people experienced a power cut on Sunday with 118,000 left without power by 4pm across the whole of the UK, according to Energy Networks.

Chris Wilding, flood duty manager at the Environment Agency, said: “Some significant river flooding is possible across parts of the north of England today due to heavy, persistent rain and severe gale force winds associated with Storm Ciara.

Storm Ciara

Storm Ciara: Flooding across the country (Image: getty)

“We urge people in at-risk areas to remain vigilant. Minor coastal flooding impacts are also possible for parts of the south, west and northeast England coast, where high tides, large waves and coastal gales combine.

“We advise people to check their flood risk, stay safe and avoid activities such as storm selfies.”

Looking towards the week ahead, BBC Weather forecaster Susan Powell warned of “some significant accumulations of snow” for certain parts of the country.

She said: “Even into the week ahead we stay plumed in to this motorway of the jet stream from the Atlantic, so more unsettled weather to come. We also sit on the northern side or the polar side of the jet, so we will be moving into some colder air for Monday.

Storm Ciara

Huge waves smashing into Britain (Image: getty)

“So plenty of showers in our forecast as we approach the new week, cold air as well, and still pretty strong winds as well. Perhaps a notch down on those in association with Ciara but a notably wind chill and gales possible in exposure.

“The showers feeding in pretty thick and fast across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England which could mean some significant accumulations of snow, don’t forget with those winds, it will mean blizzard conditions possible. Further south, a mixture of sunny spells and showers.”

She added: “Monday into Tuesday, it will continue with cutting northwesterly wind, perhaps a band of more organised showers actually pushing into Scotland and Northern Ireland, so again there will be that threat of greater accumulations of snow.

“To the south, some occasional showers could be a little bit wintry, especially across the higher ground of south Wales. But in the sunshine to the south, it will still feel cold, thanks to the chill of the northwesterly wind.”

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