/Coronavirus LIVE: Were staying home! Britons TERRIFIED to travel abroad, reveals poll

Coronavirus LIVE: Were staying home! Britons TERRIFIED to travel abroad, reveals poll

Our poll revealed that 69 per cent of people are less likely to travel abroad due to coronavirus, which has killed 1,400 people and affected 50,000 people across the globe. Only 29 per cent of people said in the poll they will not let the killer virus affect their holiday plans. The poll was taken by 2,218 people, with 1,509 confirming they would be less likely to travel abroad due to the virus.

Holidaymakers have already been affected by the disease in certain locations.

Several major airlines, including British Airways, have cancelled all their flights to China until April.

A Japanese cruise ship has been left quarantined at a Yokohama Port after 218 people, including three Britons, were struck down with the virus.

The Foreign Office has warned against all travel to the Hubei Province and “all but essential” travel to mainland China.

As the outbreak continues to grow, companies including Apple and Starbucks have ceased to operate in China and Sony and Amazon have pulled out of global trade shows.

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Coronavirus has sparked alarm across the globe (Image: GETTY )

5pm update: Toyota to resume output at three plants in China

Toyota has said it plans to resume output at three of its four main auto plants in China next week.

Production was due to resume on February 3 following the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, but was delayed because of the new coronavirus outbreak in China.

Operations at Toyota’s plant in Changchun, Jilin province, and another plant in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, will restart on Monday, while a factory in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin will resume operations on Tuesday.

4.15pm update: China reports drop in new coronavirus cases as death toll rises 

China reported a further 143 deaths from coronavirus on Saturday but also a fall in new cases. 

Some 2,641 new cases of the virus were reported in the 24 hours to midnight on Friday, raising the total to 66,492. 

The death toll in Mainland China rose to 1,523. 

The number of new cases was down from the 5,090 in the previous 24-hour period after authorities changed the basis for counting patients.


Coronavirus express poll

Coronavirus latest: The results of the Express poll (Image: EXPRESS)

3.45pm update: Eight patients who tested positive for coronavirus in UK released from hospital

Eight out of the nine patients in the UK who tested positive for the coronavirus have been discharged from hospital.

NHS England and NHS Improvement said the people had left hospital following two negative tests.

All 94 people in quarantine at Arrowe Park Hospital on the Wirral have also been released.

They had been kept in isolation at the hospital after returning to the UK from China.

The NHS added more than 100 people remain at the Kents Hill Park Hotel in Milton Keynes.

3.10pm update: Malaysia says American from cruise ship has tested positive for coronavirus

Malaysia has said an 83-year-old American passenger on a cruise ship that docked in Cambodia has tested positive for coronavirus.

The Malaysian health ministry said the woman took a flight to Malaysia on Friday from Cambodia adding that her husband had tested negative.

The Westerdam, operated by Carnival Corp unit Holland America Inc, docked in the port of Sihanoukville, Cambodia on Thursday after being rejected by a number of countries over fears that passengers could be carrying the virus.


Coronavirus latest: UK patients across the globe (Image: EXPRESS)

Paul Withers taking over live reporting from Laura Mowat.

2:36pm update: Experts fear London could be an area where the virus spreads easily

Dr Robin Thompson, from Oxford University, said: “In general, if an initial case is in a densely populated area, then the risk of sustained person-to-person transmission following is higher.

“This is exacerbated by the fact that London is a transport hub, and the Underground could provide a network to spread the virus quickly.

“As a result, given this case was in London, it might be expected that there is an increased risk posed by this case compared to the others we have seen.”

1:03pm update: World Health Organisation goes to China to examine how the virus is spreading

The group will focus on how the coronavirus is spreading and how severe it is.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “The goal of the joint mission is to rapidly inform the next steps in the COVID-19 response and preparedness activities in China and globally.”

12:39pm update: US to evacuate Americans from Diamond Princess cruise ship

The ship has been held in quarantine in a Japanese port since 3 February. Out of 3,700 people on board, 218 have tested positive for the virus.

US citizens will be offered seats on a government-chartered flight on Sunday. 

Coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus latest: This is what to watch out for in the deadly virus (Image: EXPRESS )

11:33am update: Fears for people who attended London conference 

Health officials have contacted hundreds of conference attendees in London, after it emerged one of them was later diagnosed with coronavirus.

The person, who has not been identified, was at the UK Bus Summit at the QEII Conference Centre last week.

Two Labour MPs who were also at the conference said they were well but cancelling public engagements until 20 February as a precaution.

10:23 am update: A tourist has died from the coronavirus in France

Europe has been hit by its first death of the deadly virus.

The country’s health minister today confirmed a Chinese tourist had died from the disease.

It marks the first coronavirus death in Europe, with over 1,500 already confirmed across the globe.

9:34am update: Beijing orders 14-day quarantine for any travellers returning to the city.

Those people who violate the quarantine rules could face legal percussions.

Authorities are desperately trying to prevent the spread of the virus.

8:57am update: Facebook cancel 5,000 person conference in San Fran due to coronavirus

Facebook spokesman Anthony Harrison said: “Out of an abundance of caution, we canceled our Global Marketing Summit due to evolving public health risks related to coronavirus.”

Silicon Valley is particularly concerned due to the high level of travel between China and the area.

Certain tech companies are asking its employees not to shake hands during meetings to curb the possibility of it spreading.

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