/CCTV shows last movements of murdered Megan Newton before being killed

CCTV shows last movements of murdered Megan Newton before being killed

Disturbing CCTV footage captured the moment murdered teenager Megan Newton let killer Joseph Trevor into her flat in the hours before her death.

The 18-year-old is seen excitedly flashing her keys at Trevor and then half-running to her bedsit after they entered a communal area at 3.45am.

At 5.53am, having already raped and murdered Megan, Trevor is seen leaving from the same door, then another camera shows him emerge on the street outside after discarding her key in a car park.

Megan had agreed Trevor, now aged 19, could stay at her place out of kindness because he too drunk and drugged up after a night in Newcastle-under-Lyme to go home to his parents, reports StokeonTrentLive.

Popular teenager Megan Newton was a talented football coach with dreams of going to America after college
(Image: PA)

But once inside, he raped, strangled and stabbed her at least nine times, before walking away from the scene with blood on one of his hands.

One CCTV clip also shows the pair – who had gone to school together – getting into a taxi after leaving nightclub Kiln in the early hours of April 20, 2019, and heading to Megan’s flat in Stoke-on-Trent.

Megan had just finished her shift at a chip shop at 10pm before heading home to get changed for the night out on what was a bank holiday weekend.

Trevor, formerly of Trentham, has now been jailed for life – serving at least 21 years and 65 days – after admitting two counts of rape and one of murder at Stafford Crown Court.

CCTV at Megan’s bedsit captures the chilling moments she lets killer Joseph Trevor inside
(Image: Staffordshire Police)

Megan, a football coach, met Trevor, a semi-professional player, by chance in the popular nightclub, and recognising him from school suggested he stay at her room in a supported housing complex.

Trevor was later found by Staffordshire Police sitting on a bridge on the A500. Officers took him to the Harplands Hospital before he was collected by his father.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Cheryl Hannan, said: “Trevor carried out a sustained and violent assault on Megan.

Joseph Trevor raped, strangled and stabbed Megan nine times at her flat
(Image: PA)

“She had kindly offered him a place to stay overnight because he had taken drugs and had been stopped by police and was worried about returning home.

“In return he attacked and killed her and left her lying in her own bed while he let himself out and told no-one what he had done.

“Megan was a young and gifted teenager who through hard work and dedication had achieved so much with opportunities to achieve so much more.

Megan “was amazing caring, kind, loving,funny young lady” said her dad in a tribute
(Image: BPM Media)

“Trevor’s actions have taken this away from Megan and the chance for her family to see her continue to thrive as a woman who they were rightly so proud of,” he added.

Shortly before the vicious killing – which saw the victim stabbed in her back – Trevor had been taken to a police station after he was found with a bag of white powder.

This turned out to be ketamine.

Trevor is a talented semi-professional footballer who played for Newcastle Town FC
(Image: Stoke Live/BPM MEDIA)

Adrian Keeling QC, prosecuting, told Stafford Crown Court:  “He raped and murdered her in the early hours of April 20. He did so at her flat.

“She invited him back as an act of kindness. He got so drunk on drink and drugs and could not go home to his parents.

“He raped her and stabbed her in the back eight times.”

Megan had finished a late shift at a chip shop before the night out
(Image: Stoke Sentinel/BPM Media)

The prosecutor continued: “He was seen to hide a bag of white powder down his trousers and the police were called.

“He was taken to the police station so officers could undertake a proper search.

”The white powder, ketamine, was found. Police seized the bag and told him he would have to go back at a later stage. They let him out of police custody.

“CCTV shows he went to the town centre to a taxi rank at 3.20am.

The teenager’s body was found on her bed
(Image: Stoke Sentinel/BPM Media)

“Megan had also gone out that night. She had finished her shift at a fish and chip shop in Trent Vale at 10.20pm, went home and got changed before going out at 11pm.”

Megan’s dad, Michael said: “She was so excited about finishing college and talked about going to America to study.

“I am never going to see her grow and blossom into the amazing woman she was going to be .

“My life has been ripped apart.

Megan’s dad Michael said: “My life has been ripped apart”
(Image: BPM Media)

“She was amazing caring, kind, loving,funny young lady.”

During sentencing Timothy Hannan QC, mitigating, said the case was a tragedy.

He said that Trevor had tried to take his own life a month before the killing, but was talked down from a bridge over the A50.

He said: “He comes from a decent, close, good and supportive family. They are devastated by his actions that night too.”

Trevor gained good passes in 10 GCSEs and was studying for his A levels at Newcastle College, the lawyer said.

He was a skillful football player and played semi professionally for Newcastle Town FC.

“Two young lives have been destroyed,” Mr Hannan said.

Judge Michael Chambers QC said condemned Trevor for taking advantage of Megan’s act of ‘kindness’.

“The attack on her was driven and motivated by your serious and violent sexual conduct,” he said.

“You raped her. You went on to strangle her. You went on to arm yourself with a knife from the kitchen area and stabbed her no less than nine times to the neck and back penetrating her chest and both lungs.

“This was a brutal and sustained attack conducted in the most callous way in her own home.”

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The judge said the starting point for the crime was 30 years, with the brutal and sustained rape acting as aggravating features.

He sentenced Trevor to life in prison, ruling that he must serve at least 21 years and 65 days before he can be considered for parole.

The murderer was also placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

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