/Trump reportedly to announce order calling for medical supplies to be US-made – live

Trump reportedly to announce order calling for medical supplies to be US-made – live

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Trump press secretary: ‘Open borders do not serve the American public’

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In Mississippi, Joe Biden appears to have won the youth vote

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Today so far

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Ever since the race narrowed to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, activists hoping for diversity on the ticket have set their sights on the second-in-line.

And the Veepstakes are in full swing.

On Tuesday, She the People, a group focused on increasing political power among women of color, released the findings of a survey they conducted with members about their top choices for vice president.

At the top of the list: Stacey Abrams and Kamala Harris.

Women of color are the party’s most loyal constituency and the remaining candidates – both white men – are facing mounting pressure to select a woman and/or a person of color as a running mate.

The She the People poll included several elected officials and politicians – all women of color. Among them were: Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Val Demings and Tammy Duckworth.

Earlier on Wednesday, a group of influential Democratic leaders sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee demanding that the next nominee commit to choosing a woman to be his vice president and to filling at least half of the administration’s cabinet positions with women.

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Trump to deliver coronavirus statement at 9 pm ET

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Dow drops 5.9% and falls into bear-market territory

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Trump to make statement on coronavirus tonight

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