/Health bosses deny Donald Trump claims theyve approved coronavirus treatment

Health bosses deny Donald Trump claims theyve approved coronavirus treatment

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Donald Trump’s claims that a new treatment for coronavirus was on the verge of being approved have already been shot down by the US Food and Drug Administration (Picture: Reuters)

The US Food and Drug Administration has denied Donald Trump’s claims that it has approved a potential new treatment for coronavirus, it was reported.

According to Bloomberg News, FDA officials hit back at Trump minutes after he claimed that rabies and malaria treatment chloroquine was set to be rolled out to Covid-19 patients nationwide after showing ‘very encouraging results’ in trials.

The President of the United States said the existing drug, which was previously approved for other uses, had shown ‘tremendous promise’ in treating Covid-19, which has infected more than 10,000 Americans and killed at least 176.

Trump has since confirmed to the same press conference that chloroquine has not yet been approved as a possible treatment. It will require further clinical trials before any green-light is given.

He said that another drug called Remdesiver had also shown promise in treating the symptoms coronavirus, giving hope that the worst symptoms of Covid-19 could be treated while scientists race to develop a vaccine to prevent the virus.

Remdesivir was designed as a general anti-viral drug around a decade ago, and was intended as a possible treatment for Ebola.

While unapproved, it is now being fast-tracked to some Covid-19 patients to see if it could help ease symptoms of the disease, which include pneumonia so severe it can cause extreme difficulty with breathing.

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