/Brexiteers fear Frost is next! Conspiracy claims over Cummings sack demands

Brexiteers fear Frost is next! Conspiracy claims over Cummings sack demands

After Boris Johnson’s senior aide was accused of breaking lockdown rules, panic has broken out on social media from some Brexiteers who fear Mr Cummings has been targeted by a pro-EU orchestrated plot. Mr Cummings is widely regarded as the mastermind behind the historic 2016 EU referendum result and is credited with coming up with the famous three-word slogan “Take Back Control”.


Several hardline eurosceptics have taken to Twitter and claimed the backlash towards Mr Cummings has nothing to do with coronavirus, but is part of a wider conspiracy to stop Brexit – despite the Britain having already left the EU in January.

One user said: “They are out to get DC to wound Boris, Brexit negotiator David Frost will be next, make no mistake the same old stop Brexit Remoaner losers are behind all this hounding.”

A second user wrote: “I would imagine there is much more to come over the next few weeks. At a guess, David Frost will be the next target.

“This is a co-ordinated and extremely nasty campaign to undermine Brexit with some extremely unpleasant people behind it.”

David Frost

The UK’s Brexit negotiator David Frost (Image: GETTY)

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings defended his actions during an interview at Downing Street’s rose garden (Image: PA)

A third said: “Don’t forget they are after Cummings then they want David Frost to get sacked and then get Boris.”

A fourth speculated: “We all need to put a safety circle around David Frost as he WILL be their next target. Shout them out beforehand is my suggestion.”

On Monday during an extraordinary statement from the rose garden of Downing Street, Mr Cummings insisted he behaved “reasonably” and did not regret his actions.

The Prime Minister’s chief adviser said he made the 260-mile trip from London to County Durham amid fears over a lack of childcare for his four-year-old son, if he became incapacitated with COVID-19, but also concerns about his family’s general safety.

Dominic Cummings

Dominic Cummings is a special advisor to Boris Johnson (Image: PA)

The actions of Mr Cummings have prompted a revolt within the Conservative party, with up to 30 Tory MPs calling for the Prime Minister’s advisor to go and a further nine voicing their displeasure over his actions.

Among the group of furious MPs include leading Brexiteers Steve Baker and Peter Bone.

Mr Baker – a former Chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) was the first Tory MP to break rank and call for Mr Cummings to leave his position.

In an interview on Sunday with Sky news’ Sophy Ridge, Mr Baker said: “It is ridiculous, it has got to stop. Dominic should go.

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Steve Baker

Brexiteer Steve Baker has called for Dominic Cummings to go (Image: GETTY)

“If he doesn’t resign, we’ll just keep burning through Boris’s political capital at a rate we can ill afford in the midst of this crisis.

“It is very clear that Dominic travelled when everybody else understood Dominic’s slogans to mean ‘stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives’.”

On Tuesday, Douglas Ross, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for Scotland, quit the Government, saying he could not “in good faith” defend Mr Cummings’ actions.

Senior Tory minister Penny Mordaunt – a high-profile campaigner for the Leave campaign during the 2016 referendum said there are “inconsistencies” in Mr Cummings’ account.


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Dominic Cummings

A timeline of Dominic Cummings’ trip to County Durham (Image: EXPRESS)

Ms Mordaunt has apologised to her constituents on behalf of Mr Cummings and said the ordeal had “undermined key public health messages”.

The latest YouGov poll has found the majority of Britons believe Mr Cummings should resign as the Prime Minister’s chief advisor.

According to the survey, 59 percent of participants think Mr Cummings should leave his post in Downing Street.

Just 27 percent think he should not resign and just 14 percent remained undecided.

The YouGov was carried out on May 26 and asked 1,160 UK adults.

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