/‘Walk away Boris!’ PM told to ABANDON post-Brexit talks with EU in September

‘Walk away Boris!’ PM told to ABANDON post-Brexit talks with EU in September

Discussions between the UK and the EU are the on brink of collapsing with outstanding issues over a free-trade deal, fisheries and laws proving huge a stumbling block. The Prime Minister is understood to have issued an ultimatum to the EU, and warned Brussels chiefs that the UK is prepared to walk away without a deal and on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms in September – three months ahead of the scheduled end of the transition period on December 31.


A poll of more than 4,500 Express.co.uk readers has found the overwhelming majority think Britain should end talks prematurely if no breakthrough can be made.

The survey conducted on Thursday June 4 between 10.11am and 7.30pm asked 4,753 Express.co.uk readers “As EU plays hardball, should UK walk away from negotiations in September?”.

A huge 97 percent (4,628) of readers believe the Prime Minister should walk away from the negotiating table and voted yes.

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Boris Johnson has been urged to abandon talks with the EU in September (Image: GETTY)

Frost barnier

David Frost and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier (Image: PA)

Just two percent (114) of participants thought the talks should continue past September and voted no.

Meanwhile one percent (11) were unsure and voted don’t know.

A number of passionate Express.co.uk readers insisted the UK and the EU would have had enough time to strike a deal by September, however several others believed the Prime Minister should end talks immediately.

One user said: “Walk away Boris, because the EU are negotiating in bad faith, why, because this is about punishing the UK for leaving there beloved EU, walk Boris.”

Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier has previously offered the UK a two year extension (Image: PA)

A second user wrote: “Walk away now Boris and go for WTO now and don’t wait any longer.”

A third commented: “Why wait till September! We will know where a deal on trade is going by end of June beginning of July on fisheries.”

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Walk away in September? No – walk away now.”

The UK’s Brexit negotiator David Frost and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier resumed the fourth round of post-Brexit talks this week and there has been little sign of a breakthrough.

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Michael Gove

Michael Gove is confident a breakthrough will be made (Image: GETTY)

The lack of progress has prompted the Bank of England (BoE) Governor Andrew Bailey to urge bank bosses to step up preparations for a no deal Brexit.

The BoE said: “As we have said previously, the possibility that negotiations between the UK and EU over a future trading relationship might not conclude in a deal is one of a number of outcomes that UK banks need to prepare for over the coming months.”

The UK officially left the EU in January, however during the transition period the UK remained tied to EU rules as well as the single market and customs union – a no deal exit would release Britain from Brussels regulations.

A UK source close to negotiations previously told the Sunday Express “talks cannot go on forever” and the outcome needed to be known before October at the latest.


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The source said: “The UK has to make sure businesses can prepare properly for what will happen at the end of the year. Traders can’t do that if the talks are continuing well into the autumn because they won’t know what to prepare for.

“What is clear is that the conventional approach will not get us much further. The EU needs to inject some political reality into its approach, and appreciate that they cannot use their usual tactic of delay to drag the talks into the autumn.

“October is too late. Our businesses need to know whether there is going to be a trade agreement before then to prepare for the end of transition.”

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A timeline of Brexit talks (Image: EXPRESS)

This afternoon Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has maintained there is “ample time” for the UK and EU to reach an agreement, and stated Germany’s forthcoming presidency of the EU will bring the “leadership” needed.

Mr Gove told MPs: “The detailed work that has been undertaken by both sides should not be set aside or diminished.

“All that is required is political will, imagination and flexibility.

“I believe certainly with the advent of the German presidency of the European Union on July 1 that we will see the leadership required in order to guarantee that we secure the agreement we need.”

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