/Police officer left with serious head injuries after bike chase

Police officer left with serious head injuries after bike chase

A police officer was seriously injured and rushed to hospital after a bike chase through Anfield.

Emergency services were called to Arkles Lane, just before 8pm on Monday night after reports of an incident involving an officer.

It is believed that the male officer was chasing an electric bike a short time before becoming injured.

A number of ambulances were called to the scene before taking the officer to hospital for treatment to serious head injuries.

Police at the scene on Utting Avenue, last night, on June 22
Foresnic officers scour the scene after an incident involving a police officer last night, June 22

Later in the evening, a number of large police scenes were put in place around the area with multiple forensic officers seen working.

Investigations were focused on a section of Utting Avenue, Arkles Lane, Priory Road and an alley just off Watford Road.

An officer and a police dog scoured the scene on Arkles Lane after scientific support photographed the road close to the junction of Priory Road.

Around the corner, on Priory Road, a cordon was erected along the footpath close to the cross roads.

An alleyway on Watford Road behind a police cordon today, June 23

Police officers guarded the scene until the early hours of the morning as a number of evidence markers were laid out on the pavement.

Metres away on Watford Road, another cordon was placed around a small alley way.

Inside the cordon a forensic officers spent multiple hours inspecting a bike before it was moved out onto the footpath and covered with a tarpaulin.

All three cordons stayed in place throughout the evening before Merseyside Police confirmed that the officer was receiving treatment in hospital for serious head injuries.

A spokesperson for the force told the ECHO t he officer had fallen during the chase and had not been attacked.

Forensic evidence markers inside a cordon on Priory Road, Anfield

The suspect on the bike that was being chased was also detained by officers a short time later.

An update on the officer’s condition is not currently known.

Today a cordon and police presence is still in place on Utting Avenue, Priory Road and Watford Road.

Watford Road

A number of police cars are stationed at each cordon, which includes an alleyway on Watford Road.

Merseyside Police has been approached for further comment regarding the officer’s condition.

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