/Six people banned from Liverpool city centre

Six people banned from Liverpool city centre

These are the names of six criminals who are not allowed to set foot in Liverpool city centre.

All have been charged and convicted of a criminal offence in court.

And in each case Merseyside police have secured a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) against them.

CBOs are used to target the most persistent offenders who won’t stop committing crime and causing anti-social behaviour despite being brought before a court.

It means on top of their sentence, the individual also faces additional restrictions that can last for an indefinite period if they are adults, or for up to three years for under 18s.

In the cases set out below, the offenders have been banned from entering a defined geographical area and can be arrested simply for being in the city centre.

The Liverpool BID Company funds two dedicated police officers who work in Liverpool city centre. These officers take the lead on tackling aggressive street beggars, anti-social behaviour and persistent shoplifting.

This dedicated team help compile the information needed for a CBO to be issued by a court to deal with the offenders who steal and make life a misery for shop staff.

Adam Abas Mohammed Hai

Hai was involved in a fracas on Lord Street in Liverpool city centre in February last year.

Last month Liverpool Magistrates’ court heard that Hai chased Mohammed Azadi for 10 minutes around a bike rack outside McDonald’s on Lord Street at 6am on February 8 2020.

CCTV played in court showed Hai pursuing his victim around the bike rack multiple times before jumping on a bin lorry and hitting his face on the floor, but getting up and continuing the chase.

He only stopped when members of the public intervened.

Amie Gouldson, prosecuting, said: “Officers were deployed to reports of males fighting on Church Street in Liverpool.

“The victim reports walking near to McDonald’s when he is approached by the defendant shouting ‘Are you a Muslim, I will kill you’.

“He pulls the victim to the floor, grabbing him by his face and neck continuing to shout ‘I want to kill you, come here’ and chasing him.”

Ms Gouldson explained that the incident lasted around 10 minutes – and it was only with intervention from the public that the assault was stopped.

Hai, of Devonshire Road, Toxteth, was convicted of one count of racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Magistrates Alistair Beere and Antoinette Buxton handed Hai a six month community order with a three month curfew between the hours of 8pm and 7am.

Hai was also banned from Lord Street and Church Street in Liverpool city centre, save from attending at court, for the next six months.

Jeff Dey

Jeff Dey, 31, carried out a number of thefts, burglaries and assaults in Liverpool city centre.

Dey, of no fixed address, was also found to have committed anti-social behaviour offences as well.

The repeat offender was handed a a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court during a hearing in February.

The three-year order will run until February 15, 2024, and will prevent Dey from entering any supermarket in the city centre.

Jeff Dey, 31, of no fixed address
Jeff Dey, 31, of no fixed address
(Image: Merseyside Police)

For the next three years Dey must not:

  • Enter two specified areas of Liverpool City Centre unless for medical or legal reasons.
  • Enter any Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Spar, or Lidl Store/Supermarket within the County of Merseyside.
  • Remain in any shop premises if asked to leave by a member of staff of those premises within the County of Merseyside.
  • Act or encourage others to act in an anti-social manner.

Mark Thomas and Richard Wright

Thomas and Wright were both handed CBO’s in January.

Thomas, 29, received his ban for criminal damage, theft, violence, anti-social behaviour and theft from a shop.

Wright, 40, was handed his ban for violence and theft.

Merseyside Police, the Liverpool Neighbourhood Team and two BID police officers funded by Liverpool BID Company worked in collaboration to bring the men to justice.

Both orders cover anti-social behaviour taking place over several months, covering the first national lockdown and subsequent lockdowns in Liverpool.

Mark Thomas, 29, from Bootle threw a brick at a police car just four days after being issued with a three year CBO banning him parts of Liverpool city centre
Mark Thomas, 29, from Bootle
(Image: Merseyside Police)

Dave Crawford, BID Police Officer, described both men as dangerous individuals.

Speaking in January he said: “These banning orders haven’t just removed two dangerous individuals from the city centre, but make going to work safer for retail staff. Any abuse or violence is not tolerated in Liverpool, but particularly during this incredibly difficult time for staff on the front line.

“Our message to business is that reporting each and every incident is worth it as it helps us to build a case and protect our city centre.

“At one store, several hundreds pounds of goods were being stolen on a weekly basis.”

Just four days into the CBO banning him from Liverpool city centre Thomas was involved in an incident outside Liverpool Crown court.

The Bootle man was spotted hurling a brick at a police car outside the court on January 12 – just four days after being given the CBO.

Thomas was then jailed for eight weeks.

Kevin Spaine

Spaine was issued with a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order after being identified as a prolific shoplifter who has threatened and used violence towards shop staff.

The 40-year-old, of no fixed abode, was issued with the order at Liverpool Magistrates Court on June 17 2019 and was given a number of conditions he must adhere to or face further action from police.

Kevin Spaine, 40 of No Fixed Abode was issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order CBO after he was identified as a prolific shoplifter who has also threated and used violence towards shop staff.
Kevin Spaine, 40 of No Fixed Abode was issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order CBO after he was identified as a prolific shoplifter who has also threated and used violence towards shop staff.

Spain was banned from :

1) Entering a large part of Liverpool City Centre as per the attached map, which includes Liverpool ONE, the Cavern quarter, and Liverpool Lime Street and St John’s Shopping Centre

2) Entering the ALDI Store on Clock Tower Drive, Liverpool,

3) Remain in any shop premises if asked to leave by a member of staff of those premises within the County of Merseyside.

4) Carry any knife or bladed article in any public place within the County of Merseyside.

Tony Ormesher

A former police porter, Ormesher made a number of dramatic returns to police stations across the city after he launched a one-man crime wave.

In February 2016 after a string of offences Ormesher was handed a ten year CBO banning him from the city centre. The order was handed down during a lively hearing at Liverpool Crown court.

Judge Andrew Hatton said he believed the CBO was “likely to be of some value” and told the defendant it would last for a decade.

However, Ormesher begged to differ, and said to the judge: “It’s alright, I’m going to Spain anyway, so you can f*** your order, I’m still going to go into Liverpool city centre.”

Tony Ormesher, 50, of St Andrew Road, Anfield, jailed for three years after setting fire to two cells at Walton prison, insulting charity workers, attacking supermarket staff and spitting at men
Tony Ormesher

The CBO was imposed after Ormesher was jailed for three years at Liverpool Crown Court after admitting two counts of arson, six assaults, abusive behaviour, theft and two ASBO breaches.

During the hearing Desmond Lennon, prosecuting, provided maps of the areas which Ormesher is no longer allowed to enter, unless going to court or to see his solicitors.

Ormesher, who once tried to escape from police on a tour bus in the city centre, was also banned from attending the Whitechapel Centre.

In February 2019 Ormesher was back before Liverpool Crown court for breaching the CBO. The former police worker had become aggressive with staff at the One Stop Shop in St John’s Market.

The Anfield man later became involved in a confrontation at the Salvation Army centre in Prescot Road, Old Swan on January 5 2019.

Simon Duncan, prosecuting, said: “He then used a fire extinguisher, spraying foam onto the wall, floor, computer and a pool table.”

Judge Brian Cummings said “I’ve never seen anything like it” when referring to Ormesher’s extensive criminal record, which dated back to August 2010.

Ormesher was jailed for three months.

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