/Could schools close again in Scotland as outbreaks spark fears of shutdown

Could schools close again in Scotland as outbreaks spark fears of shutdown

Schools have seen an increase in coronavirus cases since pupils returned to classrooms after Scotland moved beyond Level 0.

Parents may be wondering if the spike in infections across some schools could cause another round of closures as kids are forced to self-isolate.

Public health experts have warned Scotland is ‘not in a good situation’ with coronavirus spreading among pupils.

It comes as a third of Highlands schools – around 60 – have been affected by Covid.

Highland Council has said said the region had seen an “exponential increase” in cases and “a significant number of year groups self-are isolating”.

Could schools close again?
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The region has been forced to partially close some primary and secondary schools, while others have imposed a one-day shutdown to curb infections.

Nicola Sturgeon has is set to hold a coronavirus briefing later today for the second time this week as cases continue to surge across the country.

Could schools be forced to close in Scotland?

Nicola Sturgeon has is set to hold a coronavirus briefing later today
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The Deputy First Minister John Swinney said the Scottish Government wants to avoid closing schools in response to rising coronavirus cases “at all possible costs”.

It comes after Nicola Sturgeon warned she could not rule out reimposing Covid restrictions as the number of new daily cases in Scotland hit the highest level ever this week.

However, a top public health expert has warned schools could be forced to close again amid a sharp rise in cases as kids go back to class.

Professor Linda Bauld, of Edinburgh University, said Scotland is “not in a good situation” to have case numbers this high in September.

The expert said she believed the current case increases are likely linked to the easing of restrictions on August 9.

She said: “I’m concerned there will be pressure again to close schools, and everybody wants to completely avoid that. “But if we do have really, really large numbers in schools, then I think that’s really tricky for the government.

“This is not a good situation, and to be going into September in this situation is concerning.

“The vaccines are still working, you can see that the cases are heavily concentrated in young people.

“They’ve been rising for a little while and there are big numbers over the last few days, but we’re not really seeing a breakthrough into the older groups in substantial numbers yet.”

“That might change. “Hospital numbers are still low, but I would expect them to go up.”

The First Minister will address the nation today, Friday August 27, in the second media briefing of the week.

The SNP leader will lead the briefing and give an update on the situation which has deteriorated over the course of the last week.

The Scottish Government’s briefing is set to start at 12.15pm.

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