/Around 30 local councils have refused to take any Afghan refugees

Around 30 local councils have refused to take any Afghan refugees

Officials are scrambling to house the 20,000 refugees who are set to make the UK their home
Officials are scrambling to house the 20,000 refugees who are set to make the UK their home (Picture: Getty)

Up to 30 councils in the UK have refused to accept any of the thousands of refugees who have been evacuated from Afghanistan in recent days, according to reports.

The Government has pledged to house 20,000 people who have fled from the country since the Taliban took charge.

Many have already started to arrive with authorities scrambling to find accommodation for them all.

A request was sent out to all 333 local councils in the UK in an attempt to find suitable homes, The Telegraph reported.

Around 100 signed up to take some of the refugees but 30 said no, claiming they ‘don’t have resources or they have their own concerns,’ a source told the paper.

The majority of those who have been flown out of the country are translators and their families who worked with British forces in Afghanistan.

They have had to risk their lives in order to get into the airport at Kabul and onto flights out of the country.

Many of the evacuees are members of large families and the UK suffers from shortages of large council homes which is adding to the difficulties.

Thousands of evacuees have begun arriving in the UK (Picture: Getty Images Europe)

Alternative accommodation is being investigated including Pontins holiday camps and old military accommodation.

However the housing of recently arrived migrants at the old Napier Barracks in Kent has proven controversial after the ‘squalid conditions’ were criticised by human rights groups.

The last flight evacuating civilians from Kabul left the airport today, leaving around 1,000 people to the mercy of the Taliban.

Efforts are ongoing to try to evacuate those eligible via other means.

Council are being asked to find homes for the new arrivals (Picture: Getty Images Europe)

Several councils have publicly stated their willingness to house some of the refugees since the crisis began.

The London Borough of Richmond council leader Gareth Roberts said last week the authority was committed to ‘supporting those fleeing their homes and seeking safety in the UK’ and urged landlords to get in touch if they had suitable properties.

Neighbouring Kingston has also offered to help alongside councils across the country including Hampshire, Norfolk and Liverpool.

A government spokesman said: ‘Approximately only five per cent of councils have declined to sign up to our relocation and assistance scheme and close to a third of councils have already stepped up to support new arrivals, but we know there is more that can be done for those that have risked their lives supporting us.

‘This is why we are calling on all councils who have not yet come forward with a firm offer of support to help Afghan nationals and their families as they build a new life here in safety.’

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