/Michael Gove raves at Aberdeen club as ‘merry’ Tory MP leaves punters stunned

Michael Gove raves at Aberdeen club as ‘merry’ Tory MP leaves punters stunned

Michael Gove sent Scots revellers into hysteria after he was spotted raving at a nightclub in Aberdeen he reportedly turned up to by himself.

The senior Tory MP displayed some questionable dance moves in the small hours during this solo visit to Bohemia in Aberdeen city centre last night.

Bizarre clips shared with the Daily Record show the 54-year-old two-stepping, arm waving, hip jolting and head banging with fellow ravers, who allegedly bought the top-earning politician drinks all night.

Gove is originally from the Granite City and was back in his hometown enjoying a night on the tiles following last month’s news that he and wife Sarah Vine are to divorce.

Michael Gove was described as having ‘had a good few shandies’ when he rocked up to the pub in Aberdeen
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But it didn’t stop the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster turning a few heads, one being singer, Emma Lament.

The 30-year-old, who’d performed an acoustic set in O’Neill’s pub below the club that night, ‘couldn’t believe what she was seeing’ when the ‘merry’ MP ‘rocked up’ to the watering hole just before closing time.

Soon a beaming Gove was posing for pictures with punters.

A bewildered Emma told the Record: “Michael Gove walked into O’Neills at around 1.15am, the pub was just about closing.

“I’m almost sure he was by himself.

Michael Gove raving in the Aberdeen club

“I heard people saying, ‘he’s a Tory MP’ others asked ‘who’s Michael Gove?’ and were Googling him.

“Soon people went up for photos.

“The Tories aren’t too popular in Scotland but people were generally quite nice to him.

“It’s fair to say he’d had a good few shandies when he arrived at O’Neill’s.”

Michael Gove enjoyed a night out in Aberdeen city centre
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With last orders announced at the popular pub, punters urged a suited, solo Gove to join them upstairs at nightclub, Bohemia.

Ravers headed to club night Pipe, dubbed ‘an unpredictable mix of the most high energy UK and global club music scenes’.

Living up to its description, scenes of Gove clumsily bouncing and bopping along to heavy techno beats were caught on camera in a series of hilarious clips.

“He was still there when I left at 2.30am,” Emma added.

Punters posed for photos with the Tory MP
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“He really was enjoying himself, I don’t think he left the dancefloor the whole time I was there.

“People were buying him drinks but were also joking that he should be getting the rounds after he racked up £100,000 in expenses last year.

“Nobody else ever appeared, he was by himself.

“It’s also rumoured that he never paid to get in, but I can’t be sure of that.

“This was the last thing I expected to see on a Saturday night in Aberdeen.”

Emma Lament is a singer who had performed a set in O’Neill’s that night
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With Scotland’s nighttime industry back open amid the easing of pandemic restrictions, Emma jested that, politics aside, she was happy to see a politician backing licensed venues.

“It’s good to see places open again.

“Here’s Michael Gove, a Tory MP, backing a night venue in a small city like Aberdeen.

“I’m playing at O’Neill’s on Saturday, September 4 at 9pm.

“He’s more than welcome to come back for that, but I think we all saw that raves are more his thing.”

Gove’s enthusiasm for the setlist didn’t go unnoticed by Saturday night’s DJs.

A statement from clubnight, Pipe, read: “Thanks to all the amazing people, and Michael Gove, who made it out for the first Pipe last night.

“We had a great time going in for four hours straight.

“Definitely blew some cobwebs away.”

The Daily Record have contacted Bohemia for comment.

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