/Second Brit killed in Kabul airport terror attack was grandad visiting family

Second Brit killed in Kabul airport terror attack was grandad visiting family

The second Brit to be killed in the Kabul airport attack on Thursday has been named by his family as Musa Papal, 60, from north London

Musa Papal
Musa Papal (

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The second Brit killed in the Kabul airport terror attack was a grandad visiting his family, his son has said.

Musa Papal, 60, left his home in north London at the end of May to visit family in Kandahar before being killed in the blast on Thursday.

His son Hidayat said his father had moved to the UK in 1999 and was a British passport holder, reports Sky News.

Mr Papal’s grandson, an Afghan national, remains missing after the attack.

It comes after the Foreign Office confirmed three Brits died in the ISK suicide bombing which killed almost 200 people.

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People carrying an injured person to a hospital after the attack



Abdul Hamid told the BBC his brother Muhammad Niazi was among the British nationals to die, with his wife and two children still missing.

He had travelled from London to Afghanistan to help his family flee, according to the broadcaster.

Mr Hamid, who survived the explosion, said: “I saw some small children in the river. It was so bad. It was a dark day for us.”

Muhammad Niazi has been named as the British-Afghan who was killed at the Kabul airport attack

The third UK fatality is believed to be a teenage boy, not related to Mr Papal and Mr Hamid.

While among those injured are an adult British national and an Afghan child with a British family, according to the PA news agency.

The deadly attack was carried out by a single suicide bomber at a gate to the airport and there was no second explosion at a nearby hotel as had been initially reported, the Pentagon said of the ‘complex’ attack on Friday.

Wounded women arrive at a hospital for treatment after the attack


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Another British national was seriously injured in the strike and is due to be evacuated soon, reports The Sun.

Meanwhile an Afghan child under 10, who is related to one of the two dead Brits, was also badly hurt.

More than 170 Afghans and 13 US soldiers were killed.

Members of the British and US Armed Forces working at Kabul Airport


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Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), the IS terror branch in Afghanistan, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Yesterday, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said he was “deeply saddened” to hear about the deaths of Brits in the blast.

“These were innocent people and it is a tragedy that as they sought to bring their loved ones to safety in the UK they were murdered by cowardly terrorists,” he said.

“Yesterday’s despicable attack underlines the dangers facing those in Afghanistan and reinforces why we are doing all we can to get people out. We are offering consular support to their families.”

Troops are preparing for a final push on evacuations from Afghanistan as more than 1,000 people eligible to flee were set to be left behind and another terror attack was said to be “likely”.

The Mirror has contacted the Foreign Office for comment.

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