/Met Office says Brits will bask in 28C late summer heat blast within days

Met Office says Brits will bask in 28C late summer heat blast within days

Things are finally heating up after an overcast few months and the Met Office have now said there is a strong chance of another sunny spell arriving at the end of September too

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What is a Spanish plume?

Brits are set to bake in temperatures of up to 28C over the next few days – and the good news doesn’t stop there, with hopes of an Indian Summer rising fast.

Millions will soak up the rays as the sun finally starts to come out from this weekend.

The Met Office have told The Mirror that as well as a very warm next week ahead, the end of September is already looking hotter than anything we saw in August.

We could see a mini-heatwave next week with the south sweltering thanks to a ‘Spanish plume’ making its way up.

The boiling blast from the Continent will begin on Monday, with the weekend warmer and offering temperatures of up to 25C, while Scotland and the north of England remains cloudy.

It’s set to be ice creams at the ready over the next five days



Parts of the country will be on-par with top European holiday destinations such as St Tropez, Mykonos and Faro between Monday and Wednesday.

It may not be one last burst of heat, either.

The Met Office predict that we could even sizzle in some late September sun.

The South East will see the best of the weather with warm air being dragged in from the Mediterranean, after a grey and cooler August.

On Monday, highs of 27C could bake London, Kent and Essex – while Brighton, Bournemouth and Manchester could see 26C.

A day later the heat becoming more widespread across the UK, with baking highs of 27C reaching as far north as Newcastle.

Beaches could be full again with hopes of an Indian Summer rising


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North Yorkshire, London and Bristol could bask in 28C and Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Liverpool could see highs of 27C.

Summer is officially over as Autumn has arrives, but things are already looking better weather wise.

“Next week the country will see a rise in temperatures, with mid-20s expected. It could rise to 28C in the south as the hot continental air draws in,” a spokesman said.

The ‘Spanish Plume’ is heading our way


WX Charts)

“From Tuesday it will be settled until later in the week.

“We expect the unsettled theme to continue but towards the end of the month there is a signal that warmer weather will return. This weekend will be mixed but things really begin to improve in the south.”

What qualifies as a heatwave in the UK?

The Met Office say that they won’t know if next week can officially be classed as a heatwave for a few more days.

Outlining what is required for the classification, they added: “It’s still a little early to officially describe it a heatwave.

Some areas in the south could see 28C on Tuesday and Wednesday



“That is defined by three or more days reaching 25C or higher. In London, it’s 28C.

“But the good news is that on Tuesday and Wednesday some areas could see very warm weather, with the best of the temperatures expected in the south.”

Forecaster Alex Burkill said: “It does look like hot temperatures will start to arrive in the South East after a disappointing end to the summer.

“August had been particularly grey, dull with cooler temperatures, but it does look like there will be a little blast of summer weather.”

Light showers could return by September 12 but that doesn’t mean the warm weather is done for 2021.

This month looks to be a calmer and more settled month than the two that proceeded it.

The summer is one of the most miserable for a decade, statistics reveal.

Total hours of sunshine across the country were at their lowest since 2012, data shows.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates said: “This summer has certainly been unremarkable and pretty bland. It’s not going to be remembered for warmth.

“We’ve had flooding, some parts of the country have seen double their average rainfall, and temperatures have been average.”

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