/Owners left helpless as dog killed in front of them in park

Owners left helpless as dog killed in front of them in park

Two owners were left “helpless” at their three-year-old dog was “snatch and killed” in front of them in a Liverpool park.

On Tuesday, August 31, at around 9.30pm, Lloyd Medland and his partner Kelly Ainsworth were out walking their two dogs with a friend in Newsham Park.

Lloyd, from Tuebrook, said he had his backed turned whilst Kelly had hold of three-year-old bichon frise Flossy and Staffordshire bull terrier Leah, age eight on their leashes, when all of a sudden he heard a scream.

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As he turned around, Lloyd saw a bigger dog, described as a bull mastiff type breed with brown and beige fur, “snatch” Flossy, whilst Kelly tried to free her.

The dog-owners rushed to the vets, but Flossy died soon after of her injuries.

Lloyd, 34, told the ECHO: ” I was stood with my back to my partner who had hold of the two dogs and I just heard screaming from behind me.

“I ran over and I saw my partner on the floor, my other dog was now loose running around. She was trying to get the big dog off our bichon frise and this dog wasn’t moving.

“My first thought was where’s the owner and I started looking around and there was no one in sight.

“My immediate reaction was to keep my loose dog safe to make sure when the dog got released off Flossie it didn’t go for our other dog as well.”

Lloyd Medland was out walking his three-year-old bichon frise, Flossy, when she was killed by another dog in Newsham Park
Lloyd Medland was out walking his bichon frise, Flossy, when she was killed by another dog
(Image: Lloyd Medland)

Lloyd said he eventually saw the owners at the other end of the park “casually walking down’” and claims they had “no desire or urgency” to get to them.

He said he was creaming “get your f*cking dog” but was left feeling “helpless” in the situation.

Lloyd said: “Our dog was in a bad way, it’s something I’ll never ever forget. She was screaming, I felt sick and scared because the dog was an absolute animal.

“I’ve got hold of our other dog but I’m also watching my dog getting killed. I was helpless, absolutely helpless. I felt helpless and I couldn’t react because if I let go of our other dog and we manage to get the big dog off it might go for that dog then

“The dog owners picked their dog up with my friend, the dog was released and an innocent member of the public ran over as well trying to help.

“They gave us the coldest sorry and walked away. Our concentration at the time was to get the dog back to our car to take it to the vets.”

Lloyd and Kelly arrived at the vets and were told Flossie had suffered internal bleeding, burst blood vessels and that bits of her muscle had been “torn away.”

A vet said a specialist may be able to help, but as that was explained another vet appeared to tell them Flossie had died. The couple later contacted the police.

Lloyd said: “We felt disheartened, sick, angry, helpless. I just feel like my world is finished to be honest.

“It’s hard to explain that to people who may not like dogs.

“She was just a happy, joyful, reliant dog. She was stuck to my partner. She couldn’t go anywhere in the house without you going with her.”

Lloyd is now appealing for information to find the couple and get answers.

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