/Killer wrote fake suicide note after stabbing her mum to death to cover crimes

Killer wrote fake suicide note after stabbing her mum to death to cover crimes

It reads as a suicide note, written by a woman on the edge.

“I’m sorry for not being there for you, please forgive me Cass, but I can’t carry on living this life with the drugs.

“I’m not strong enough to carry on living this life.”

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This apparently heartfelt message was left on Beverley Scott’s phone and appeared to be addressed to her daughter Cass, Cassandra Scott.

But at the time it was composed, Beverley could not possibly have written it.

She was already dead.

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In fact, hours earlier, she had been savagely stabbed to death by her own daughter.

Cassandra had composed the message herself on her mother’s phone to cover up her awful crimes.

Beverley Scott

It was never actually sent, but was just one aspect of the desperate web of lies she spun, to try and cover up the horrific truth of what she had done.

Cassandra, 36, even sent her mother a message on Facebook wishing her happy birthday, the day after the murder is thought to have occurred.

She had brutally knifed her mother 10 times, taking her by surprise while she had her back turned.

But rather than call for an ambulance to try to save her, Cassandra told no-one.

She left her body in the house they shared in Longsight, and tried to hide it in a cupboard under the stairs.

Dragging it from the kitchen, covering it in plastic, and then covering it in bedding and curtains.

Beverley’s body was not found for more than two months.

Cassandra told a neighbour that her mother was in rehab.

Meanwhile she went to live with a friend.

Police at the scene after the murder
(Image: ABNM Photography)

As her mother lay dead, she made trips back to the house to pick up clothes, and even withdrew money from her mother’s bank account to spend on drugs.

Cassandra claimed to have loved her mother.

But does a loving daughter knife her mum 10 times, then deny her dignity in death while binging on crack cocaine for days?

Growing up in Longsight, Cassandra had a tough start in life.

Her mother and father both used heroin and crack cocaine.

She had a difficult, complicated relationship with her mother.

She described feeling unloved and ‘abandoned’ by her as a child.

Beverley, a mum-of-three who was 58 when she died, worked as a prostitute and the pair stole to fund their addictions, her daughter claimed.

Cassandra alleged that her father was violent towards both her and her mother.

Beverley was often away for long periods, and they eventually divorced.

Cassandra said her father told her that Beverley had left because she ‘hated’ her and her brother.

They split up when she was about 10 or 11, and the children went to live with her dad.

“I just thought my Mum didn’t want us,” Cassandra said.

Beverley took Cassandra to her first day of high school, but she didn’t see her for years after.

She went into care aged 14 after running away from home, and admitted she’d made several attempts to kill herself.

Despite her difficult start in life, Cassandra got nine GCSEs and found work in a hotel as a chambermaid.

Aged 16, she wanted to meet up with her mum.

“She was still my mum, and I was curious,” she explained.

Police at the scene on Holker Close
(Image: ABNM Photography)

“I wanted to know why she abandoned me and my brother.”

After reconnecting, Cassandra decided to move back in with her mum. She said it was then that she had her first experience of crack cocaine.

“I sort of realised that my mum had chosen drugs over kids, that’s why she was never around, I was curious.”

She began spending all her wages from the hotel on crack for her and her mum.

Cassandra later left and got clean, but continued to battle with a drug problem right up until the murder.

She alternated between holding down respectable jobs, including with a telecommunications company and later as a sales manager for an insurance firm, and spending hundreds of pounds on crack binges which could often last for days.

But her lowest point came when she ended up in jail in her early 20s, for being involved in two robberies and shoplifting.

She vowed to turn her life around and worked with a peer mentoring scheme, aimed at helping young women stay away from crime.

After her grandmother died in 2014, Cassandra didn’t see her mother for another five years.

Beverley later resurfaced, living at Holker Close in Longsight, a property which had no carpet or furniture.

Cassandra went to stay, and revealed she spent up to £700 on a two day crack cocaine binge.

Cassandra claimed the start of the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 was the ‘perfect excuse’ to leave, as she planned to move back in with an ex.

But Cassandra was back at Holker Close a year later, after the breakdown of her ‘volatile’ relationship.

The drug abuse continued, with Cassandra saying she then used heroin for the first time.

It was this crack and heroin hazed backdrop which set the scene of a brutal murder.

Tragically, in the months prior to her death Beverley had been seeking help for her drug problems.

At court, Cassandra audaciously claimed that her mother had ‘come at’ her with a knife.

But Cassandra, who had previously punched and kicked her mother, leading to the police being called on one occasion, was prone to violent outbursts.

Quite when Beverley Scott was killed and exactly how she was stabbed to death, only Cassandra will ever know.

She couldn’t explain why she left her mother’s dead body in the house, without granting her the dignity in death that every human deserves.

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Cassandra tried to explain away her mother’s absence.

Calls to Beverley from support workers went unanswered, and it was unusual that she wasn’t seen out walking her dog.

A housing officer eventually made the grim discovery, about two months after it is suspected that the murder occurred.

The smell of decomposition was overpowering.

A jury saw through Cassandra Scott’s lies and she was found guilty of murder following a trial.

At Manchester Crown Court she was handed a life sentence for murder, and ordered to serve a minimum of 17 years.

“I love you, please forgive me,” was another part of the ‘suicide note’ written by Cassandra.

They should have been words reserved for her late mother after the brutal killing.

A mother, who despite her difficulties, did not deserve to die in such barbaric and inhumane circumstances.

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