/Young Scots dad gunned down in garden after rival was humiliated in online video

Young Scots dad gunned down in garden after rival was humiliated in online video

A man was shot to death in his back garden after a rival was humiliated in an online video.

Graham Williamson was executed in broad daylight at his home in Blantyre, Lanarkshire on August 17 2020.

Jurors watched horror CCTV footage of a masked gunman racing up the street, blasting the 26 year-old in the back before jumping into a getaway car.

Derek Felvus, 25, James Baillie, 26, and Thomas Duris, 28, were convicted on Wednesday at the High Court in Glasgow of the murder.

The trial heard of a “toxic feud” between flash drug dealer Felvus, Graham and the victim’s friends.

The extreme violence was sparked after Felvus was recorded hiding in a Chinese restaurant after being confronted days before the killing.

Graham Williamson who was shot dead in Blantyre, Lanarkshire
Graham Williamson who was shot dead in Blantyre, Lanarkshire

The mobile phone clip was uploaded to social media with the caption: “S******g”.

Felvus then teamed up with Baillie and Duris to get revenge on Graham.

Afterwards Duris – the man who pulled the trigger – boasted to an associate: “No one will want it any more. This will take us to another level.”

The trio all face life sentences when they return to the dock next month.

The trial heard there had been a number of tit for tat incidents in the lead-up to the shooting.

Days before there had been an incident near The Libertine pub in Hamilton, Lanarkshire before Graham’s car was torched.

On August 14, Graham and his associates confronted Felvus and a friend at The Shanghai Teahouse in Bothwell, Lanarkshire.

It was there panicking Felvus was captured trying to hold a door closed while begging staff for a knife to defend himself.

The footage was then put on Instagram.

In his closing speech, prosecutor Greg Farrell said: “The purpose was to embarrass and humiliate Felvus, show him hiding and calling for the police.

“Felvus (in his evidence) accepted he was embarrassed.

“This did not fit with the public image Felvus was trying to project to the world.”

Graham Williamson died soon after the shooting

The court heard Felvus soon took to social media himself.

He posted a video directed at his rivals stating: “See you soon boys.”

Mr Farrell said this was a threat which Felvus “intended to act on” and that he knew the “cavalry was on the way” to help.

Duris arrived from Spain and Baillie was used as a getaway driver.

Graham was then murdered at his home as he dealt with a vehicle recovery firm called out to collect his burnt-out car.

As he then went into his back garden, the gunman came from behind and shot the dad.

In the space of 14 seconds of getting out the stolen Skoda, he then returned to the vehicle joining Felvus and Baillie.

Graham initially staggered onto the street before collapsing.

The killers returned to a hideaway in Edinburgh where it was said they “bragged” to others and were “glorifying” it

Felvus was also described as “freaking out” warning a man to keep quite and get rid of phones.

The trio then fled to Liverpool and abroad following the murder.

Felvus and Baillie were initially arrested weeks later before Duris was hauled back from Spain.

All three denied murder at the trial. Duris claimed he had not even been in the car.

Felvus gave evidence and insisted Duris had shot Graham – but that he had been unaware the gunman had a firearm.

He believed only physical violence was going to occur.

Mr Farrell put to Felvus that he knew “very well” a gun was in the car that day.

But, the thug stated: “Not true. I am gutted what happened to the guy.”

Lord Fairley deferred sentencing until June 17 in Edinburgh.

He told the trio: “You have been found guilty of an appalling crime. This was an execution in broad daylight.”

All three – who already had criminal records – were remanded in custody.

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